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Friday, 25 September 2015


My rating is a ONE TIME ENTERTAINER with no logic 3 Star rating
Comedy King Kapil SHarma takes you on a tour with his incredible comic time delivering smiles and laugheter with a lot of LOL moments . A perfect entertainer if your looking for geninue comedy fun and masti go have your dose this a weekend as KAPIL SHARMA will never dissappoint you when it comes to comedy but do not expect it to be logical and except comedy KAPIL WONT CONVINCE YOU WITH HIS OUT OF HIS PROFESSION GENRE


The story takes on like a 90s comedy where you can expect what can happen , the story goes illogical in terms of plot & story and thats where it looses its stars . Screen play goes smooth delivering smiles , laughter and a lot of giggling moments , the climax though portrays a message is very typical .The story is about a man who accidentaly marries 3 girls out of MAJBURI because of soo called BAD Situations , but he has 1 clear love of his life whom he plans to marry and this is supposed to be his 4th marriage, all throughout the movie we see sequences where these 4 come together to the closeset but never get to know the truth that their husband is one and the same,the story takes an twist when all the 4 bump in a situation and face the reality , next what happens? how does he handle this ? does he get to marry his love of life ? does he convince you are all the questions which will shoot you with answers when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls.


Songs pop up in the film with absolutely no sense , it was better all the songs were skipped then having complete boring & laggy songs . The comedy sequences entertain you but songs bore you like never before.

Its a ONE TIME WATCH . watch it for ur dose of comedy and fun . Keep your brains home and get entertained with KAPIL SHARMAS incredible comic time .

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