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Friday, 18 September 2015


If you book tickets for this movie your sure to have a sound sleep.
I rate this a Super Boring 1.7 Star Rating
Except for the climax there is nothing in the movie  that will give you a feel of atleast a pleasent movie ,2Hrs20Mins of the movie just goes flat offering you absolutely nothing other than a YAWN on your face , No Feel in the characters , No Intensity in the scenes ,No chemistry between the actors,fails to just even get the basic of emotion or intenstiy except for in the climax, a film tat was claimed to be a different love story is nothing different or hatke its even more worse, all you will be left with is a question that will dwell in your mind YEH KYA HAI ? ,a complete waste of screen space , a complete waste of talent where BAD SCRIPT has got reigning actress kangana do nothing even after being immensely a versatile actor all she ends up doing is a few feisty scenes which have come out to be superior or out of the box .


The makers claimed this movie to be a different love story but it dosent seem to be even closer to different from any angle of the movie . The screen play and transition of the story has been quite different but wat fails around is the spark that can convince you or make you get that feel in the movie ,thought there are a lot of emotional scenes you do not see that intensity which can convince you anyway . The Story is about a girl and a boy who meet , the boy falls in love but the girl is a happy go lucky girl who just wants an time pass relation but then as they move on at a point they both get serious in the relation but then a lot of aggression between the both calls for a breakup , the boy goes off in depression and tries to find for his girl he never finds here anywhere and then when he finds her he fails to convince her and then finally he explores for the truth and gets to know that there was and is a reason why the girl tried being away from him and the reason is she is counting her final days and dosent have a long life to live . Now what is that all about ? Do they finally meet each other ? Do they unite together ? Does the girl live longer ? or is it all just a game plan are all the questions when answered create the crux of thi story and movie .


The reigning Queen of bollwood Kangana didnt have much to do as the script just didnt demand a lot from her but still for this kind of cinema  the perfomance she has delivered is commendable , she has been out of the box when it comes to fiesty scenes, she has got the right expressions , emotions at the right scenes though there was no intensity that the director has created . Moving on to Imran Khan i would not say he has been perfect but he has been better than his previous films but still he lacks that charisma and instinct to create exitement among the audience .


Coming to film score or background score it again fails miserably .

Final Verdict :

There is no reason absolutely to watch this movie as this film has seriously nothing to offer you , You will come out blank and with a Yawn on your face . A Movie to skip this weekend .  

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