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Friday, 11 September 2015


No matter what this movie doesn't convince you . 
My take is a TYPICAL 2.5 star 🌟 🌟.5 
Except for the hero showing off his muscles and the heroine posing sweet and cute there is nothing new that will convince you . Its a typical over dragged story with an monotonous plot , masaledar overdosed action, which will at few points amaze you but rest on part it will bore you and is quite predictive. VERY UNFORTUNATE REMAKE FOR THE DEBUT , what stands by the film 🎥 is Medium level performance by the lead pairs 

The story is very much typical and monotonous like any other Bollywood masala flicks, nothing new , nothing out of the box and nothing intensified a complete low energy boring and draggy film . EDITING is pathetic , screenplay doesn't keep u gripped our enthu you slowly tend to loose interest in he film as it transits . The story in shirt is about a clash between a criminal and the IG , between this clash revolves the story of their son and daughter who fall in love ❤. Knowing that d one is a Gunda and the other is from a honest daughter but then the girl transforms the boy so as to b convincing to her honest father who is IG . What happens next ? Does their love ❤ last long or it looses its flake relation because of the clash between the criminal and the police , are all the answers that will be answered when you watch the movie this weekend . 

The performances starting the debut actors ATHIYA SHETTY and SOORAJ PANCHOLI they have been straight forward with their roles as 
There was nothing extraordinaryy to deliver and add on I can say is SOORAJS abs beeing flaunted over n again and ATHIYAS pout 
Pose. Moving on ADITYA PANCHOLI has done par justice to his role. 

Salman khan who is the producer of this film has sung the title song MAIN HU HERO TERA which is presented at the end of the film and the background music specially at the climax brings some pinch of emotion live though there was nothing touching at the end . 

NOT a worth watch at theatres as u are sure to be bored with d typical masala flick . Still if you need reasons to watch it I would say watch it for the debut actors, watch it for some masaledar overdosed action 🎬 sequences and few songs which will enlighten you . For all my reviews in a single website visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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