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Sunday, 30 August 2015


My take is an 3 star πŸŒŸ πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
Digging on a matter like water crisis drives a story of a village which still follows caste system , untouchbality and create distinction between the villagers and finally bifurcates and fragments the village into 2 parts smile emoticon watch It for the performances , though a shabby title its a one time watch... tongue emoticonwatch it for the story it portrays with a message and doses of humour ,watch it for its unique narrative and finally for the typical climax in Bollywood style happy ending . smile emoticon
The story revolves around a village which follows caste system and divides the people residing in the village smile emoticon . The screen play goes In flow delivering punches of humour,fun and a few matter that digs instances of Issues in the village and finally ends typically though but delivers a great message . The story as i mentioned is about a village that gets fragmented and divided with a border wall as its boundary and this division is done as per caste but then after years of division the upper part of the village faces water crisis and their wealth just gets exhausted leaving them with no option then selling the village but no 1 agrees to buy the village as there is no water and finally the kings son ie the prince takes on responsibility of solving this issue he goes with a Selfish motive to the lower part of the village but falls in love with the king of the lower part of the village and finally their reunion gets the village together and they forget all the barriers like caste grade and decide to be one and help.each other . But how does this happen ?? gasp emoticon Is all ul get to know when u watch the nearest cinema hall like emoticon
Saurabh shukla as the king has been pretty good at points his character comes out to be loud but he finally convinced you with his character .Radhika apte Has been graceful with her beautiful smile tongue emoticon and acting all through out the movie smile emoticon
Its a one time watch at theatres like emoticon , though a little shabby kind of title for the movie πŸŽ₯. Don't go by the title watch it for the beautiful message and for the performances grin emoticon .

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