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Friday, 14 August 2015


My take is a ONE TIME watch 2.7 star 🌟 🌟1/7
This is d Hollywood remake of the film "WARRIOR" with a lot of mellow drama & desi tadka .The FIRST HALF makes u SLEEP 💤  DEEP,then  the pre interval peppy number MERA NAAM MARY HAI item song is an ALARM to wake u up for the happening 2nd half which pumps up your adrenaline with some breath taking fight sequences and a curious climax. Watch it for Akshay Kumar , watch it for its energetic , mellow dramatic , flattery and curious 2nd half and finally kudos to the DOP (director of photography)for awesome capture all throughout.
In the first half screenplay just  goes flat and slow with absolutely nothing that can pump your spirits as the narration transits,the second half gets to be interesting as an when it goes on , the curiosity increases , though a lot of screen time and scenes are wasted for unwanted focus and hawabaazi still some fight sequences specially the ones involving Akshay Kumar are awesome and taken long enough to keep the audience waiting for the next move to happen . The climax just takes ur spirits high on ur expectation , curiosity ,emotion and enthusiasm and you leave the theatres with a spirit of brotherhood . The story is about 2 brothers , 2 fighters and one face off of blood against blood ie the ultimate fight which takes on the heights of a relation test and finally delivers u a great climax .
As earlier mentioned the alarm to wake u up in the movie is the peppy number MERA NAAM MARY HAI apart from this the other songs in the movie make the film transit even more slow .
The role has well suited AKSHAY KUMAR THE KHILADI his performance and fight sequences are a lot in elaboration and very well appeals to the role of a fighter on the other hand Siddharth malothra has been impressive with his agression and rage but not is perfect and most of his fight sequences except the climax one are all momentary fights where he knocks down the opponent in a minute or so . And finally Jackie shroff has been super awesome in the role of father and an alcoholic , his acting , and the expressions and emotions expressed by him.for his character still proves that there are a few acting legends live between us . And then jacquiline Fernandes didn't hav much to do but she had something different to Deliver then her usual just an appearance .
Watch it for Akshay Kumar , this is an one time watch movie , walk in to ur nearest cinema halls and get your punches , fatkas and a lot of halla boll all throughout the movie . This movie will make u sleep , it will make u awake , it will make u dance for the item number and finally it will make u feel by the end  .
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