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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Not More than 1.5 Star
A Movie made with an positive intention a content driven movie but ends without fulfilling it with completeness , combo of pathetic performances , everything in the movie seems incomplete , no much entertainment , no emotion , poor dialogues with a lot of loop holes and flaws in the story a Movie to definitely skip.

Story & Screenplay :

In short this movie is about a married couple who decide to separate from each other , meanwhile the hero ie the husband falls in love with a other girl and approaches her family with marriage proposal for which the family members ask him to first divorce his wife and then marry their daughter , he manages to do so but thats when he realises "Divorce ke baad aslii responsibility shuru hoti hai " because he was suppose to pay alumini of 30,000 per month to his ex wife as she is dependent on him ,Now to get rid of this alumini he has only one way ie getting his ex wife married to a different man and that's when he starts hunting for a boy , on the other end is the story of  his boss who is frustated with his marriage and is messed up with his own divorce case and this guy(The Hero who works for him) helps him around for his own selfish needs ,  what happens next ? does the hero suceed ? does he marry the love of his life ? will be answered in the cinema hall .
Screenplay goes flat making the film dull and lands in the dark with uneven sequence and transition , though there are a few fun going moments in installments still it fails to tangle you all througout .

Perfomances :
Zero chemistry between the onscreen couple , Poor dialouge delivery , Absolutely unexpressing and still acting . Nothing much to say .

Background score:
Goes by its theme of punjabi music and loud characters . Songs arent that impressive either

Final verdict :

A film that has nothing to grab all your attention , though some fun going moments here and there still the movie falls short on every aspect , a movie to skip defiently .  Movie is being made in consideration of portraying a very good message but still end out to be half baked and incomplete , it fails to serve its motive .

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