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Monday, 6 July 2015

Guddu Rangeela

My Take is a joyful 2.5 Star
To Quicky sum up " Hodge-Podge & not so effective narrative makes the movie quite dull but Prime character rangeela adds color to the movie with his character with some comic moments to cherish & a few dialouges , Definetly not more than ONE TIME WATCH "

Story & Screenplay :

The screenplay of the movies doesnt transit with a spark that can bind the auidence all throughout at some point you loose that intrest , Still few funky moments grab your attending in the midst.
Story in short is about 2 unlike cousins GUDDU & RANGEELA the orchestra singers earn money for their living with their orchestra and apart from this they work in providing information to the local gangsters about some richest people in the town which pays them few bucks without having to do something really dangerous , to proceed Rangeela is fighting legal battle against the most powerful man who once seperated him from his wife for marrying her inspite being of small caste and this issue is taken very seriously in the village and his wife is shot by Billo and at that scene rangeela choses to run away for his survival , After a few years when along with his orchestra he does some illegal activity to earn few more bucks for a better life , he along with his cousin are taken under custody by the police who demands 10Lakhs and in this verge to earn 10 lakhs they take up a new way to get rid of this and thats when he strikes a person who is related to billo , which makes him confident that he can now close the case at court and to deal with it personally for his most awaited moment , the unfulfiled revenge on billo , How is that related perosn ? How do they deal with billo ? Do they suceed ? WHat happens next ? Are all the questions that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest ciname hall

Perfomances :

As mentioned earlier RANGEELA is hilarious and adds to the awesomeness of the movie , his character itself is framed with a sprak of fun and cheer and the man behind such an perfomance ARSHAD WARSI has done pretty well and he is the one who grips the audience , aditi rao hydari though didnt have a prime role she has been pretty good .

Background score :

Not so impressive !

Final Verdict :

Watch it for RANGEELA and few hilarious moments and also for a message that is being portrayed in the movie . Its not more than A ONE TIME WATCH . Watch it just for time pass .

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