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Sunday, 12 July 2015


 I give it a HEART WINNING & GOOSE BUMPING 4.6 STAR    1/6
 Its not just a usual Salman Mania movie 😋 it gets d THE BEST out of BHAI ie SALMAN KHAN 
 I should say its the best Salman movie  In recent years . THIS MOVIE WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART  , MAKE YOU CRY , MAKE U SMILE  AND LAUGH  WITH ALL YOUR HEART . No extra added tadka , just plain and simple highly content driven movie with a lot of touchy scenes, never to be forgotten THE EXTREMELY PYAARI N CUTE CHOTI LITTLE 😋 BACCHI SHAHIDA STEALS YOUR HEART WITH HER CHARM AND CUTENESS..ittii sooni aur cute  , HER MUTE ROLE IN D FILM MAKES HER EVEN MORE SWEET WITH HER EXPRESSIONS AND HER SMILE  its more than a worth watch I say its a MUST WATCH @theatres . Though a few illogical scenes here and there its anyway avoidable considering the superb narrative . CLIMAX JUST LEAVES U FULLY TOUCHED AND WITH GOOSEBUMPS.
As mentioned earlier this film is content driven with less unwanted masala , the story is clear , sweet and short but executed for 2Hour 43 minutes with flawless narrative  touching your heart and mind to the fullest of emotion . Screenplay goes on tangling the audience as the story transits you start feeling more exited and curious and at d same time punches , action, comedy ,emotion is delivered flawlessly. The story is about a sweet 6 year old girl who is specially challenged ie she is dumb ie a Mute character on their visit to a darga where she gets off from the train to help a helpless lamb and meanwhile when she is taking care of the lamb the train  stars off to pakistan leaving her behind in India , her muteness' makes her even more helpless at that situation and somehow she meets a man with golden heart  ie the bhola bhahrangi bhai Salman khan . Who takes a oath of taking her back to Pakistan . What happens next? Without passport and visa how does bhaiya bhajrangi return her back to her parents ? Does he suceed ? Whats The outcome of this and rest of the questions will shoot you with answers when you walk in to your nearest cinema halls this weekend .
 This time its not just The Salman khan  presence he was gone out of the box n has given his best in delivering a performance with such innocence and emotional touch in his character  , his entry in the movie is also exiting when he makes his presence after 20 mins from start of the movie and that's when the audience go whooo and whisteling .
 NAWAZUDIN a wanna be best reporter has done his role hilariously as usual delivering smiles over smiles on ur face and punches to keep you live all through . And the sweet girl  SHAHIDA I have no more words to state her cuteness all throughut the movie she is d base for the movie 😋 rest on part on Puri special appearance has been to par and follows the ensemble cast .
The soothing music at points add more pinches of touching emotional feel in the movie . We have peppy number selifie lele re with Salman's wierd dance moves which bring in smiles on your face  apart from that we hav tu hi chahiye and the climax song bhar do which has awesome lyrics and soothing .
 A Double Yo! Gurantee , watch it without fail at your nearest cinema halls . More than what you expect , sure to be one among the best film nominations this year 😋 . The CLIMAX of the movie when the little girl meets her parents and the happiness expressed and portrayed is seriously hilarious leaves you with GOOSEBUMPS .... A few less stars for some illogical scenes which do not appeal to the general logic but chaloo yaar aakir film hi toh hai ..avoidable . SALMAN JUST WINS YOUR HEART AT THE END OF THE MOVIE . 😋
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