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Monday, 27 July 2015



My take is not more than a 2.7 Star rating
A Movie made with good intention of portraying life of BAR Workers and the way the society looks at them in a wrong perspective and the way they are treated , but the way the story is narrated fails to impress you or create any impact so as to make it touching or thrilling. Still a one time watch as the concept of theme of the movie deserves a salute .


The story is i earlier mentioned is about women who work @ BAR and their life , this story is about a girl named BARKHAA who is a BAR DANCER by profession , and she has the same dreams and desire of living a normal life a life where she has some one to care for , some one to look after her , and some one who respects and lovers her more than anything and she meets a person who falls for her and also makes her feel special in every way possible he promises to marry her and takes her along with him but after few days he dumps her and pretends as he never knew her in his life and leaves her all alone in a stage when she is pregnant . BARKHAA faces all this with a only hope of her life that is her small daughter for whom she decides to live her life . And then she starts her life as usual with her profession of BAR dancer and that's when she meets another guy who seriously falls in love with her but considering her past she dosent believe any man now , the guy tried a lot and finally suceeds in convincing her and making her realise that he really loves her and that he has no problem with her past  and finally they plan to marry, she comes down to his house , he introduces her to her family and to her suprise she finds that this guy is the brother of the same guy who had mercilessly dumped her and abused her . She decides to go away because revealing the truth could cause havoc in his family and she sielently goes away from there controling her feelings . What Happens later how does the guy find BARKHAA ?? DOES he suceed in finding his love ?  and all other questions will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie .


The whole cast are a set of new faces and the performances have been to a pretty impressive level though not perfect . Sara Loren has done a good job and delivered superb perfomance in her role barkha.


The music has been quite impressive , but the songs fail to impress except for 1 song TUM ITNI KHUB SURAT HO


ITS a ONE TIME WATCH , Good concept and a great message , watch it for its message and theme which seriously needs attention in the present generation where society treats BAR dancers as cheap kind of people which needs a changed because every women deserves respect .    

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