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Thursday, 9 July 2015

BAAHUBALI -The Beginning

BAAHUBALI -The Beginning

My Take is a SPECTACULAR & CINEMATIC 4 Star ★ ★ ★ ★
Rightly Coined The BIGGEST MOTION PICTURE OF INDIAN CINEMA  to add  to it i would say The BEST MOTION PICTURE Soo far in Indian cinema with spectacular Visuals starting with the cascading waterfall scene till the war  , amazing VFX which really is feast to your eyes with every frame larger than life and beautifully presented :) , every character is big within itself and filmed with great heroic touch ;) . The Climax leaves u with a lot of curiosity when d story ends @ a point with a poster popping up BAAHUBALI -The Conclusion 2016 , Just cant wait for it to come :P

The Sets are Magnificient & the work behind this seriously needs due respect and salute to the makers/Actors/Director & the whole cast & crew (y)  <3
20Acers > 1000 Man Power per day > 200 days of construction

Story & Screenplay :

The Story is simple yet narrated flawlessly the film starts off with Shivudu's life portrayed right from his childhood and  transits with his powerful & heroic character.His father Amarendra Baahubali is the common man's savior. The people of his town worship him like they worship God. His son as mentioned above the powerful Shivudu enters the town and becomes their hero and his return to the village brings back a lot of hope among the people & his mom and also remarks the beginning of a fight against the evil which is presented in the last 30 mins admirable battle scene :) A lot of moral touch & heart touching moments specially during the war scenes :) The screenplay goes on in a flow narrating you the story of shividu and how his aspiration and his love for the very graceful Tammanah gets him get over the top of the cliff where he explores the place , follows his dream girl and finally expresses his love for her and then he enters the village & saves his mom from the captive and thats where the director takes us in the flashback of the story where shivudu is explained who he is ? and y people worship him as God ?.  Now for the complete story guys walk in to the nearest cinema hall :)

Perfomances :

Tammana has been graceful :) , her introduction itself with that graceful dance @ the exotic cascading waterfall portrays the beautiful side of her and the rest of the movie she is seen in a brave avatar fighting for her people and her village . The One and only POWERFUL AVATAR PRABAS has been incredible @ his role all throughout the movie :) . No words to explain the massiveness and greatness of his character in the movie . Rest on part every other character in the movie is big within itself as i have earlier mentioned  (y)

Final Verdict :

Its an Epic (y) ,  Do not miss this movie , You do not need any more reasons than the Highly Acclaimed Visual effects which keep up to the hype & given that its the costliest movie ever made in INDIAN CINEMA , Respect the effort behind such an creation which does feast your eyes ;) with amazing visuals but also takes you on a unique narrative with absolutely no extra masala at the same time a perfect cinematic feel .  HATS OFF to the director & the incredible cast & crew .(y) (y) :)


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