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Thursday, 30 July 2015

DRISHYAM-Visuals are deceptive

DRISHYAM-Visuals are deceptive
Thrilling, breathtaking and suspense digging 4.5 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟1/2
A perfect family film which has every ingredient starting from the electrifying performances , BREATH TAKING SUSPENSE , 😋 Outstanding PLOT and marvellous narrative . 2 hours 43 minutes of curious and pulse modulating twists and turns in the movie will leave you clapping at the end of the movie . like emoticon Matches to its tag line visuals are deceptive 😉 kyuki joh DIKHTA hai voh HOTA nahi 😆 aur joh HOTA hai voh DIKHTA NAHI 😈
Happy to have watched the premiere show 😎
The story is a win for this film , you do not really need any more reasons to watch this movie as the story stands out to be the best with maximum suspense and thrilling twists tat stand tall all throughout the movie 😊 . On the other hand screen play 🎭 , just doesn't flow in sync but flows in frames delivering you heart pumping and breath taking narrative and story portrayal like never before , at some point you feel "YES I HAVE GOT THE SUSPENSE OR PLOT" but when the actual twists are revealed your prediction never wins 😆 In between we also have pinches of comedy adding some interest to the movie😉 . In short the story is about a middle class family man 👨 who is a movie buff and relates his life and events in life to films , he leads a happy life with his wife and 2 daughters and is a cable Services owner , one fine day his daughter on his approval goes on a camp and that's where a spoiled rich kid who happens to be son of an IPS officer ie Tabu shoots 📷 her bathing mms and then after few days blackmails her with that mms, One fine day when she will be asked to meet she gets him in her home store house 🏠 where her mom and she falls to his knees and beg asking to delete the video but he denies and continues to be abusive and obscene towards her and her mom and then the girl 👧. Out of fear hits him on his head with a intention to hurt him but the boy dies😣 , mom and daughter in utter fearful mode start worrying and that's when d gals father Ajay devagan takes stand for his family n plans the master stroke idea 💡 and a whole game to get out of this , the plan and its execution is seriously superb and too good and unpredictable 😁 . For the complete story, plan and its execution nd does police succeed in cracking this case ? All these secrets and suspense will be revealed when you watch the movie this weekend at your nearest cinema hall .😉
TABU AS THE IPS OFFICER and mother Has been elegant and impressive portraying a hard and harsh ips officer as well as a soft mother 😋 . Ajay devgan after a long time we get to him see in his real avatar , with his superb acting skills and his screen presence makes it worth a watch 😊 , shreya sharan has also been impressive and gorgeous as well tongue emoticonapart from these the role of police officer gaitonde
Has been characterized very well and he is the centre of humour as well as a negative role in the movie 😆 . The other supporting characters also have been great .
ITS A WORTH WATCH AT THEATRES 📡 . This movie should have been remaked long back given tat all the languages have remaked it Bollywood finally came up with the best remake 😋 . Thanks to excel entertainment for pushing ahead their film BANGISTAAN to the next week as this film seriously deserves higher screen count and more coverage .😎
THOUGH THE MOVIE IS NOT MUCH PROMOTED .. ITS THE AUIDENCE WHO CAN MAKE IT HAVE A DREAM RUN AT BOX OFFICE . SUPPORT MOVIES LIKE THIS TO MINT HUGE PROFITS SO THAT IT INSPIRES EVERYONE TO PRODUCE MOVIES LIKE THIS . It was under a great experience watching this movie . Walk in this weekend to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie 😋😋😋 you will never regret watching thus

Monday, 27 July 2015



My take is not more than a 2.7 Star rating
A Movie made with good intention of portraying life of BAR Workers and the way the society looks at them in a wrong perspective and the way they are treated , but the way the story is narrated fails to impress you or create any impact so as to make it touching or thrilling. Still a one time watch as the concept of theme of the movie deserves a salute .


The story is i earlier mentioned is about women who work @ BAR and their life , this story is about a girl named BARKHAA who is a BAR DANCER by profession , and she has the same dreams and desire of living a normal life a life where she has some one to care for , some one to look after her , and some one who respects and lovers her more than anything and she meets a person who falls for her and also makes her feel special in every way possible he promises to marry her and takes her along with him but after few days he dumps her and pretends as he never knew her in his life and leaves her all alone in a stage when she is pregnant . BARKHAA faces all this with a only hope of her life that is her small daughter for whom she decides to live her life . And then she starts her life as usual with her profession of BAR dancer and that's when she meets another guy who seriously falls in love with her but considering her past she dosent believe any man now , the guy tried a lot and finally suceeds in convincing her and making her realise that he really loves her and that he has no problem with her past  and finally they plan to marry, she comes down to his house , he introduces her to her family and to her suprise she finds that this guy is the brother of the same guy who had mercilessly dumped her and abused her . She decides to go away because revealing the truth could cause havoc in his family and she sielently goes away from there controling her feelings . What Happens later how does the guy find BARKHAA ?? DOES he suceed in finding his love ?  and all other questions will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie .


The whole cast are a set of new faces and the performances have been to a pretty impressive level though not perfect . Sara Loren has done a good job and delivered superb perfomance in her role barkha.


The music has been quite impressive , but the songs fail to impress except for 1 song TUM ITNI KHUB SURAT HO


ITS a ONE TIME WATCH , Good concept and a great message , watch it for its message and theme which seriously needs attention in the present generation where society treats BAR dancers as cheap kind of people which needs a changed because every women deserves respect .    

Friday, 17 July 2015



I give it a disastrous 0,5 star rating .

A movie which portrays life of various couples , the way they meet and the badmashiyaan which lead to their bond to get stronger and then their life . There is absolutely nothing in the movie other than confusing narrative , bad editing , horrible dialogues , pathetic acting and nothing impressive .

I say if you can watch this movie completely then you can watch any movie in Bollywood .

*More than extra patience is required to watch this movie

There is nothing more to review in this movie ..........

Sunday, 12 July 2015


 I give it a HEART WINNING & GOOSE BUMPING 4.6 STAR    1/6
 Its not just a usual Salman Mania movie 😋 it gets d THE BEST out of BHAI ie SALMAN KHAN 
 I should say its the best Salman movie  In recent years . THIS MOVIE WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART  , MAKE YOU CRY , MAKE U SMILE  AND LAUGH  WITH ALL YOUR HEART . No extra added tadka , just plain and simple highly content driven movie with a lot of touchy scenes, never to be forgotten THE EXTREMELY PYAARI N CUTE CHOTI LITTLE 😋 BACCHI SHAHIDA STEALS YOUR HEART WITH HER CHARM AND CUTENESS..ittii sooni aur cute  , HER MUTE ROLE IN D FILM MAKES HER EVEN MORE SWEET WITH HER EXPRESSIONS AND HER SMILE  its more than a worth watch I say its a MUST WATCH @theatres . Though a few illogical scenes here and there its anyway avoidable considering the superb narrative . CLIMAX JUST LEAVES U FULLY TOUCHED AND WITH GOOSEBUMPS.
As mentioned earlier this film is content driven with less unwanted masala , the story is clear , sweet and short but executed for 2Hour 43 minutes with flawless narrative  touching your heart and mind to the fullest of emotion . Screenplay goes on tangling the audience as the story transits you start feeling more exited and curious and at d same time punches , action, comedy ,emotion is delivered flawlessly. The story is about a sweet 6 year old girl who is specially challenged ie she is dumb ie a Mute character on their visit to a darga where she gets off from the train to help a helpless lamb and meanwhile when she is taking care of the lamb the train  stars off to pakistan leaving her behind in India , her muteness' makes her even more helpless at that situation and somehow she meets a man with golden heart  ie the bhola bhahrangi bhai Salman khan . Who takes a oath of taking her back to Pakistan . What happens next? Without passport and visa how does bhaiya bhajrangi return her back to her parents ? Does he suceed ? Whats The outcome of this and rest of the questions will shoot you with answers when you walk in to your nearest cinema halls this weekend .
 This time its not just The Salman khan  presence he was gone out of the box n has given his best in delivering a performance with such innocence and emotional touch in his character  , his entry in the movie is also exiting when he makes his presence after 20 mins from start of the movie and that's when the audience go whooo and whisteling .
 NAWAZUDIN a wanna be best reporter has done his role hilariously as usual delivering smiles over smiles on ur face and punches to keep you live all through . And the sweet girl  SHAHIDA I have no more words to state her cuteness all throughut the movie she is d base for the movie 😋 rest on part on Puri special appearance has been to par and follows the ensemble cast .
The soothing music at points add more pinches of touching emotional feel in the movie . We have peppy number selifie lele re with Salman's wierd dance moves which bring in smiles on your face  apart from that we hav tu hi chahiye and the climax song bhar do which has awesome lyrics and soothing .
 A Double Yo! Gurantee , watch it without fail at your nearest cinema halls . More than what you expect , sure to be one among the best film nominations this year 😋 . The CLIMAX of the movie when the little girl meets her parents and the happiness expressed and portrayed is seriously hilarious leaves you with GOOSEBUMPS .... A few less stars for some illogical scenes which do not appeal to the general logic but chaloo yaar aakir film hi toh hai ..avoidable . SALMAN JUST WINS YOUR HEART AT THE END OF THE MOVIE . 😋
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Thursday, 9 July 2015

BAAHUBALI -The Beginning

BAAHUBALI -The Beginning

My Take is a SPECTACULAR & CINEMATIC 4 Star ★ ★ ★ ★
Rightly Coined The BIGGEST MOTION PICTURE OF INDIAN CINEMA  to add  to it i would say The BEST MOTION PICTURE Soo far in Indian cinema with spectacular Visuals starting with the cascading waterfall scene till the war  , amazing VFX which really is feast to your eyes with every frame larger than life and beautifully presented :) , every character is big within itself and filmed with great heroic touch ;) . The Climax leaves u with a lot of curiosity when d story ends @ a point with a poster popping up BAAHUBALI -The Conclusion 2016 , Just cant wait for it to come :P

The Sets are Magnificient & the work behind this seriously needs due respect and salute to the makers/Actors/Director & the whole cast & crew (y)  <3
20Acers > 1000 Man Power per day > 200 days of construction

Story & Screenplay :

The Story is simple yet narrated flawlessly the film starts off with Shivudu's life portrayed right from his childhood and  transits with his powerful & heroic character.His father Amarendra Baahubali is the common man's savior. The people of his town worship him like they worship God. His son as mentioned above the powerful Shivudu enters the town and becomes their hero and his return to the village brings back a lot of hope among the people & his mom and also remarks the beginning of a fight against the evil which is presented in the last 30 mins admirable battle scene :) A lot of moral touch & heart touching moments specially during the war scenes :) The screenplay goes on in a flow narrating you the story of shividu and how his aspiration and his love for the very graceful Tammanah gets him get over the top of the cliff where he explores the place , follows his dream girl and finally expresses his love for her and then he enters the village & saves his mom from the captive and thats where the director takes us in the flashback of the story where shivudu is explained who he is ? and y people worship him as God ?.  Now for the complete story guys walk in to the nearest cinema hall :)

Perfomances :

Tammana has been graceful :) , her introduction itself with that graceful dance @ the exotic cascading waterfall portrays the beautiful side of her and the rest of the movie she is seen in a brave avatar fighting for her people and her village . The One and only POWERFUL AVATAR PRABAS has been incredible @ his role all throughout the movie :) . No words to explain the massiveness and greatness of his character in the movie . Rest on part every other character in the movie is big within itself as i have earlier mentioned  (y)

Final Verdict :

Its an Epic (y) ,  Do not miss this movie , You do not need any more reasons than the Highly Acclaimed Visual effects which keep up to the hype & given that its the costliest movie ever made in INDIAN CINEMA , Respect the effort behind such an creation which does feast your eyes ;) with amazing visuals but also takes you on a unique narrative with absolutely no extra masala at the same time a perfect cinematic feel .  HATS OFF to the director & the incredible cast & crew .(y) (y) :)


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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Not More than 1.5 Star
A Movie made with an positive intention a content driven movie but ends without fulfilling it with completeness , combo of pathetic performances , everything in the movie seems incomplete , no much entertainment , no emotion , poor dialogues with a lot of loop holes and flaws in the story a Movie to definitely skip.

Story & Screenplay :

In short this movie is about a married couple who decide to separate from each other , meanwhile the hero ie the husband falls in love with a other girl and approaches her family with marriage proposal for which the family members ask him to first divorce his wife and then marry their daughter , he manages to do so but thats when he realises "Divorce ke baad aslii responsibility shuru hoti hai " because he was suppose to pay alumini of 30,000 per month to his ex wife as she is dependent on him ,Now to get rid of this alumini he has only one way ie getting his ex wife married to a different man and that's when he starts hunting for a boy , on the other end is the story of  his boss who is frustated with his marriage and is messed up with his own divorce case and this guy(The Hero who works for him) helps him around for his own selfish needs ,  what happens next ? does the hero suceed ? does he marry the love of his life ? will be answered in the cinema hall .
Screenplay goes flat making the film dull and lands in the dark with uneven sequence and transition , though there are a few fun going moments in installments still it fails to tangle you all througout .

Perfomances :
Zero chemistry between the onscreen couple , Poor dialouge delivery , Absolutely unexpressing and still acting . Nothing much to say .

Background score:
Goes by its theme of punjabi music and loud characters . Songs arent that impressive either

Final verdict :

A film that has nothing to grab all your attention , though some fun going moments here and there still the movie falls short on every aspect , a movie to skip defiently .  Movie is being made in consideration of portraying a very good message but still end out to be half baked and incomplete , it fails to serve its motive .

Monday, 6 July 2015

Guddu Rangeela

My Take is a joyful 2.5 Star
To Quicky sum up " Hodge-Podge & not so effective narrative makes the movie quite dull but Prime character rangeela adds color to the movie with his character with some comic moments to cherish & a few dialouges , Definetly not more than ONE TIME WATCH "

Story & Screenplay :

The screenplay of the movies doesnt transit with a spark that can bind the auidence all throughout at some point you loose that intrest , Still few funky moments grab your attending in the midst.
Story in short is about 2 unlike cousins GUDDU & RANGEELA the orchestra singers earn money for their living with their orchestra and apart from this they work in providing information to the local gangsters about some richest people in the town which pays them few bucks without having to do something really dangerous , to proceed Rangeela is fighting legal battle against the most powerful man who once seperated him from his wife for marrying her inspite being of small caste and this issue is taken very seriously in the village and his wife is shot by Billo and at that scene rangeela choses to run away for his survival , After a few years when along with his orchestra he does some illegal activity to earn few more bucks for a better life , he along with his cousin are taken under custody by the police who demands 10Lakhs and in this verge to earn 10 lakhs they take up a new way to get rid of this and thats when he strikes a person who is related to billo , which makes him confident that he can now close the case at court and to deal with it personally for his most awaited moment , the unfulfiled revenge on billo , How is that related perosn ? How do they deal with billo ? Do they suceed ? WHat happens next ? Are all the questions that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest ciname hall

Perfomances :

As mentioned earlier RANGEELA is hilarious and adds to the awesomeness of the movie , his character itself is framed with a sprak of fun and cheer and the man behind such an perfomance ARSHAD WARSI has done pretty well and he is the one who grips the audience , aditi rao hydari though didnt have a prime role she has been pretty good .

Background score :

Not so impressive !

Final Verdict :

Watch it for RANGEELA and few hilarious moments and also for a message that is being portrayed in the movie . Its not more than A ONE TIME WATCH . Watch it just for time pass .