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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give this am disastrous 1.5 star 1/2
Story is pretty simple 2 friends land into Karachi after a disastrous boat ride in the cyclone and their journey for returning back to INDIA is what the film is all about grin emoticon
There are few Fun moments here and there rest on part a complete waste of time Nd illogical unsure emoticon . Bad and pathetic graphics in all the visual scenes ..
Arshad varsi has done a pretty good job followed by Jacky bhagnani who has done appreciateble work but the gujrati accent he speaks fails miserably to convince the audience frown emoticon
There is nothing much to be said about this movie as it completely messed up and goes on with an un imaginative plot . A complete disaster and painful loud noisy movie.
A movie to skip for sure this weekend

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