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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give it a 2.5 * Star 
A movie with a lot of emotions and a meaningful moral to learn from . The movie seems to be a Genre of 90's with a lot of mellow dramatic scenes tongue emoticon,Rekha as super nani has done a spectecuar job like emoticon and on the other side sharman joshi is quite entertaining with his Chatur Inspired HINDI ACCENT tongue emoticon. The screen play goes numb at points concentrating more on drama and draggy dialouges , the screenplay n script could have been better and moved on for better cinematic feel. The Moral n base of the film is Priceless Hatss off to the theme of the movie which potreys " RESPECT UR MOTHER NO MATTER HOW GREAT PERSON YOU ARE BCOZ PERHAPS THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEVA EXPECTS A SALARY FOR WORKING AND TAKING CARE OF U 24/7" 

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