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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give it a happening 4 star ★★★★
2 unconventional actors merged under 1 title = DHAMAKEDAR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED like emoticon ....Dedicated to all movie lovers and film passionates heart emoticon R Balki the director has proved it again with a unique and innovative idea really out of the box imagination 🎬 ... Starting with the screenplay I can say its awesome a package of humour , punch of stardom ,awesome dialogues and a bit of mellow drama wink emoticon.. BIG B sir's voice, narration and his energy adds more weightage to the story smile emoticon on d same note dhanush the immensely talented actor keeps u star stunned with his action emotions and expressions tongue emoticon Really hilarious to see 2 great actors in sync wink emoticon 🎥 Hatss off to the legend Amitabh bachaan .. 1 star less because of a bit draggy climax and some draggy scenes in between which is anyways avoidable tongue emoticon . Over a all a must watch at theatres 🎬 .... A complete entertainer smile emoticon Its very rare to see 2 acting legends in a single movie sharing a single screen space and tats the moment to live on infront of the 75mm celluloid ... Guys go for it... A Yo! Guarantee watch smile emoticon
Loved this dialogue a lot
"Ishq hai FILAM(FILM) ,junoon hai FILAM, dard hai FILAM ,dawa hai FILAM ,dua hai FILAM ........Salam e FILAM .......salam e FILAM....... Salam e FILAM "

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