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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give it a delightful 4.5 Star ☆☆☆☆½
In short " PIKU is extremely Jolly,outspoken & charming kinda movie which takes on a ride explaining you sweet Father-Daughter relationship"
U will love this with all your heart guys heart emoticon heart emoticon 
To start of the script i have only 1 word and tats WONDERFUL(y), 
Every moment is joyous and fun filled , Besides this there is a strong spark of emotion smile emoticon which is portrayed behind all this light hearted humour and that is a FATHER-DAUGHTER Relation or may it be Parent-Children relation, Its Love , affection , care and attention tat every parent expects from his/her child like emoticon and that is beautifully presented in this movie smile emoticon smile emoticon like emoticon
The way the film is narrated is simply superbb , there is no extra exagarated mellow drama, no draggy moments just simple and clear with a lot and lot of humour which keeps you busy giggling and laughing out loud geniuenly all throughout grin emoticon Performances on the other end are to par excellence and so natural no words its just HATS OFF to sir Amitabh Bachchan the real legend like emoticon, Apart from this Deepika Padukone best perfomance till date she is naturallly charming and refreshing character in the movie tongue emoticon irffan khan is another actor who stads up top when it comes to acting SUperbbb like emoticon . Some scenes in the movie or i can say max scenes in the movie where we laugh out loud are when The Father-Daugheter discuss about bowels and constipation like never before grin emoticon and even unbelivably fight over it grin emoticon grin emoticonThe Characters of the moviie are hilarious and naturally funny . The climax was touching and delivers a very good message smile emoticon
This is definetly a worth watch at theatres .. SUpport movies like this with all your heart and i say u will never regret watching this.
A YO! GURANTEE WATCH . Go for it guys worth each penny u pay like emoticon Video Narrated review coming soon 

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