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Monday, 8 June 2015


My take is a decent 3 star
Watch this romantic thriller strictly in 3D for better visual experience powered by EFX - Magic in motion smile emoticon
A complete different try for a unique story and it offers something new and out of the box tongue emoticon , solid screenplay and story with a lot of twists to offer u exiting moments and keep u curious and live till the end smile emoticon ... On the other end Good music which ads to the positivity of the film adding to the emotion as well as action ...But at point wat disappoints is the mystery that we come back with behind the science fiction in the movie which we see the first half tat makes emraan invisible n transforms him to Mr.x which is not appealing nor justifying till the end frown emoticon .... Visual effects on the other end are almost to the par but still some flaws here and there which is anyways avoidable .. Action sequences are a bit of over dosed at some points where we see emraan hasmi trying to be like spiderman grin emoticon Agreesion is something that is missing at points for a revenge story frown emoticon. Anways Emraan hashmi is the ultimate show stealer with his appealing character wink emoticon this film has every ingredient to drive it from romance , action , fiction to good music .... Watch it guys .. It's a worth watch at theatres ... 

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