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Monday, 29 June 2015


Yo! Rating a valued 2.5 star 🌟 🌟1/2
In short this movie takes u on a ride in the fictional village named tanakpur exploring heights of faking news , misuse of power and a lot of superstitious beliefs which is presented with genuine humour and fun making you laugh out extremely loud but what disappoints is the half baked story portrayal still a strong message is stressed on in the climax .
The  theme of the movie is very good but the story is half baked and bad narrative makes it loose over its theme . The story is  said to be based on real facts where in a village boy aspiring to be a police officer , falls in love with a girl who is the wife of much torturing and traumatizing man who is the Pradan(head) of a village named tanakpur and he owns a cow named miss tanakpur (named after winning a competition) Now the pradhans wife who  bears all the heat ,abuse and torture from her husband starts liking this village boy who takes care of her in her sorrow and sadness and supports her . One fine day they are caught live by pradhan and he physically harasses him and then on being asked why he did so he chooses to be on safer side and  maintain his prestige and that's when he blames on him saying he raped his cow (miss tanakpur) and he is taken to the court , arrested by d police and what happens next ? Does this issue create a negative hype , does he get justice ? Are the questions that will be answered when u watch this movie .
This screenplay is not smooth going ,bad editing makes it even more worse and finally the half baked climax adds to worsen it more .
Though even the performances cannot  fill in the story's loop hole , still I should say the whole cast has done an excellent and extraordinary work specially Om Puri and Annu Kapoor have been fab .
No good songs but soothing background music
watch it for the strong message it conveys about fake and politically/power forced news making noise all over and innocent people facing the heat all around And harassment in this verge . The light hearted genuine humour is hilarious will make you laugh out loud with all geninueness and excitement. Could have been better but still a ONE TIME WATCH  AT THEATRES ... This is a small budget movie so less promoted still has a story message for our society .do support this movie

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