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Monday, 8 June 2015


I Give it a applauding 4 STAR ✰✰✰✰
This one is rare of those movies in Indian Cinema with a unsual & sensitive theme ...Hats off to the director Shonali Bose who has beautifully portrayed how Physical & Emotional Desire is even for Disabled people or i can say for SPECIALLY ABLED like emoticon , The film suceeds in perfectly presenting intimacy without much ex-exagerated scenes smile emoticon The Screen play is smooth going nor over streched nor too much mellow dramatic its just perfect. If you are soft hearted person your sure to shed tears at few of the scenes in the film gasp emoticon, There are few suprise humorous moments in the film smile emoticon Background score is also decent , Fantastic direction . Kalki Koechlin Has done a flawless job of playing a character who suffers from Cerebral palsy, A big Big round of applause & apprectaion to Kalki for her hilarious perfomance smile emoticon smile emoticon , I dont think any1 would suit this role as perfect as her like emoticon . All & All this films takes u on tour of Lailas life where she discovers herself , her sexuality , accepts it and handels her anxiety n all these are convyed very well in the movie smile emoticonThis one is deserves to be an highly acclamied movie because rare of the film makers opt to choose intense & sensitive theme like this and portray it Beautifully ..which is brave on the directors part like emoticon Over & all a worth watch @ Theatres . Movies Like these need REAL ATTENTION .. DO support this guys and go for it smile emoticon A Yo! Gurantee Watch like emoticon

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