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Thursday, 25 June 2015

KAGAZ Ke Fools


I Give this movie an boring 1.5 Star
In short this movie is a complete waste of screen space , time and budget .Not at all a recomended watch at thetares .  Nothing much to be written about this movie as it a complete messed up story with baseless logic and nothing much to offer you .

Starting with the story the story revolves around portraying a story of a writer who believe in his writings and always works with honesty he is struck in the publication house where in his book is always reject for not paying some extra money and the content of his book seems to be boring but close to reality , His wife who loves him a lot advices him to do something for his future and one fine day they have have heated up conversation and then this writer goes out for relaxing and what happens next , and a lot of drama and un necessary scenes make this movie a compete disater.

A Movie to skip.

There is nothing much to be written about this film .

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