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Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I give this movie a touching 3 star 🌟 🌟 🌟
To quickly sum up " A half baked romantic drama which touches ur heart deep inside with its mature emotions realistic perfomances and intensity but still remains to be an adhuri kahani in itself "
Well!! To start with the story as I said is half baked and seems incomplete or unfurnished at parts , but still has a lot of heart touchy moments , Intensity and the emotional touch of mohit suri. The screen play is not tat appreciative could have been more better and specially the editing is not to the par which are the major downfall for this movie .
This movie is basically about a wedded woman Whose husband is a prime suspect for crime and is coined as a terrorist and on the other end a business tycoon emraan hasmi meets this women ie Vidya balan during his visit to India , he is quite impressed by her as he feels her story resembles his own mom , he offers her a job at Dubai for which Vidya agrees and there in a fraction of few frames is the love which is expressed , felt and realized by emraan and he expresses his love for Vidya and after a series of some mellow drama Vidya also realizes that she can be happy with emraan ,  the twist is exactly when viday returns home and finds her husband is back and is a innocent person ,what's happens next is what the movie is all about ! If I extend on With more detail it will be sure to be called a spoiler .
The ultimate heart stealer is RAJKUMAR RAO who has brilliantly and Beautifully executed his job of delivering an perfect act . Such an realistic acting
Followed by emraan and Vidya both have been impressive and kept the emotion  , the love the feel and the  matureness in expressing feelings and expressions  althoughout the movie . If you are a fan of any of these above do not Miss this movie. As performance are a positive factor which stands by the film.
This is another section where the film wins , awesome music and soothing background score adds beauty and brings life to these emotions in the movie .
it is not as bad as the critics claim it to be ,its definitely a one time watch , though there are flaws in the story it has a lot of other factors to keep you attached . The intensity of the climax is  seriously touching where we r left heart broken . Could have been better if the story was complete and flawless .
Anyways can be watched once
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