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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give it a respectful 3.5 star
This film is definitely an eye opener for all the religious myths like emoticon ...The film completely entertains you throughout with a lot of LOL moments grin emoticon The screenplay keeps u live all throughout and curious.. on the other end the plot of the film is decent and moves very smooth and ensures u love and admire every punch that comes its way .... tongue emoticon A very good message portrayed at the end of the movie
SACHAA DHARAM EEK HI HAI AUR VOH HAI MANAAV DHARM..... like emoticon and paresh ravel with his natural acting and humor wins ur heart like emoticon the perfect cast and hilarious comic time , Anuu Kapoor Is also fantabulous smile emoticon ... Though the film seemed similar to OMG it has kept up to its content making it stand out different from the former. The director debut Fuwad khan has put on tremendous effort to make a film on a sensitive issue making it seem simple and clear without any misinterpretation smile emoticon hats off ... A Yo! Gurantee watch

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