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Monday, 8 June 2015


I go with 3 star
This movie 🎬 is definitely not the usual ones where things r predictable and typical . The screenplay goes on at a constant pace all till we arrive to the last 30 mins of the film which goes faster and makes u get curious on what's going to happen next smile emoticon The movie maintains the period of the movie on which it is filmed, background music is a mix of retro as well as metro sound tracks which adds to the films beauty... Performances are to par excellence smile emoticon .. The turn downs of the movie is a bit of over dragged story even after the culprit is known , unnecessary violence scenes in the second half frown emoticon .... But over and all if you love classic movies go for it .. This one is not at all a usual masala thriller with lot of color and hype grin emoticon. Go for it guys and support the start of new franchise for such genre of films .... YASH RAJ FILMS marks the beginning of something new .... smile emoticon

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