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Friday, 19 June 2015


I give it an energetic 3.5 star 🌟 🌟🌟1/2
Watch it in 3D for better effects  The best 3D EXPERIENCE IN BOLLYWOOD  :)
To quickly sum up "Extravagant and  celebrative sets , superficial and awesome moves :) , Cheerful and simple story which is all about Dance Dance & Dance , if u love dance its a WORTH WATCH (y) , if u are a wannabe dancer its an INSPIRATION :) ,even if you dont like dance i say still you will love it for the never give up spirit ,energy ,patriotism and enthusiasm which the movie is all about" which syncs with the dialogue in the movie AGAR KOI MUSIC FEEL KAR SAKTA HAI.. ANYBODY CAN DANCE.  ;)
The story is pretty simple with few twists which are not that effective , but simple and sweet . Its based On a  a real story about a Mumbai  dance troop who have the passion and enthu to dance and represent INDIA , they fail in their first attempt despite of perfect and heart winning performance because of a Mistake which costs them  disqualification and a lot of rejections in future :( but thy Take up a challenge to do it n prove themselves  and the country and make them proud and that's when they meet the BAAP OF DANCING Prabhu deva who trains them for the biggest dance event at Las Vegas and he will have his own reason for doing so and what happens at las Vegas , who wins the dance championship ? Does INDIA win everyone's heart .. Is the question that will be answered when you watch it this weekend :)
Screen play goes pretty well but somewhere and at some place we feel  a strong Grip to tangle the audience attention at some parts which is anyways avoidable .
The climax is heart winning and hilarious where patriotism , never ending spirit and energy will leave you with goose bumps. The exotic sets , celebrative portrayal and fun filed bombastic and Superficial dance moves
Will pump in ur adrenaline to the fullest  of fun .  Apart from dance we have the emotion , love , friendship and love for country which are presented as few sparks in the movie :) . KAPIL SHARMAS COMEDY NIGHTS WITH KAPIL cameo was superbb where Kapil cracks a joke and siddhu paji adds as usual with his SHAYARI. <3
Varun Dhawan and shraddha Kapoor's chemistry has worked out pretty well . Varun has performed and danced to the par with all flexibility and perfect moves . Shraddha also has been graceful and preety okie :P.  The ultimate BAAP OF DANCING prabudheva cannot be compared with anyone (y)  , he was awesome and the best. Rest on part the others actors and special appearances are to the par.  :)
Music and background score was the sole priority for this movie and it went along with peppy beats pretty well in sync with all the dance steps . Bezuban phir Sai and satiiya are two catch Songs in the movie . :P
Its a worth watch at theatres it has everything to grip u all through , it inspires you , motivates you  and more importantly entertains you . Watch if for the breath taking dance moves , awesome choreography, superficial sets , its perhaps the best 3D EXPERIENCE IN BOLLYWOOD  . :) LAS Vegas LIKE SUCH AN CELEBRATIVE AND COLORFUL AND VIBRABT CITY ....  watch it this weekend for all the fun ;)
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