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Friday, 23 February 2018

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
Youthful entertainer 3.5 Star⭐️ ⭐️⭐️.5
Hilarious punchlines,engaging plot and a film which takes you on a rib-tickling ride of youthful entertainment all throughout its runtime. Bromance takes over Romance this is something fresh and new to look out for in the cinemas backed by performances with impeccable comic time . its definetly a worth watch at cinemas .
>Performances by Karthik,Sunny and Alok nath are worth it making the movie watching experience even more better
>The plot and the way film transits with humour and punches is something that would keep your tangled with the film.
>The youthful touch to the film adds beauty to the film
>Dialouges are very well written at few points getting the audience whoo and whistling
>May look ilogical at points but its something that you can overlook for the entertainment you are offered over and all .
If you wanna have a lot of fun and go Lol watch it with your friends in the nearest cinemas halls . its a worth watch .

Friday, 16 February 2018


Not soo impactful one time watch 3 Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
The best thing about this film is Manoj Bajpee’s performance apart from this the story line has nothing much to offer,the director creates a feeling of suspense n curiosity till the end but the film fails to live up by its end . There are witty dialouges which deliver smiles but overall this film is a disappointment

>Manoj Bajpees performance all throughout which is a highlight of the film
>Witty and hilarious dialouges and its delivery
>The initial suspense which drives the film 
>Character Makeover as per situations specially Manoj Bajpees transformations as per situation 
>Decent Background score 

>Dull performance by Siddharth Malhotra
>Poor editing making the moving too long strech
>Only build up of suspense and no actual stuff in the movie is big big disappointment

The story is about duo of army officers who part ways due to differences and how the young officer creates negative vibes with his series of action that causes feeling of suspicion among the whole team and The senior officer takes on to find this young officer and his activities in this verge a lot of scams pertaining to big politicans and army officers unfold so now is this young officer a traitor? What about the scams? Whats the final outcome of all this is what the movie is all about 


I didnt find this worth watching in the cinemas as you would be disappointed with the story line as it revolves round and round and finally dosent deliver much to rememeber . 

Friday, 9 February 2018


Heartfully beautiful film you will be proud of 4 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️
R Balkis fine writting & narrative for this movie inspired on a true story stands out and you are sure to return back with goosebumps and a proud feeling , the movie has everything from humour to emotion stitched and synced right in place and a inspiring and heart touching climax backed by Akshays best performance . Overall its more than a worth watch at cinemas , Truely a indian super hero #Padman

> The inspiring and emotional plot of the film which drives the film
>Akshay Kumar amazing performance which makes u feel every sequence and frame
>R Balkis writing, direction and screenplay and the way he coveys serious of the matters with humour

>Nothing much to quote except a extended climax which could have been shorter but stands avoidable as the complete film is a delight to watch 

Inspired by the story of Arunachalam Murgunathan is his struggle to promote menustral hygiene and the challanges that came his way from rejection by his own family to society damaging his self esteem and how he stood by his ideology of hygiene for women and turned to be Indias first Padman . Unfolds his complete life .


A movie with a heart and soul and you would never regret watching such a delightful film that you will appreciate proudly . Its a must watch at cinemas 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018


Ranveer Singh Owns this Visual treat with his performance rest is complete boredom 2.5 Star
Technically a sound film with great cinematography, Huge and magnificent sets & Outfit but fails to keep the audience on track as the plot loses its charm to boredom and you are sure to be super bored by the complete runtime but the wake up call comes at the climax which is the best part of the film when we see Queen Padmavati glorified of her greatness along with the whole Rajput community . Over all you will be disappointed for the hype that it won't leave upto


> Ranveer Singh as Sultan Allahudin is into the heart of the character and blows u with his performance
> Spectacular and magnificent sets and outfits create a visual treat to your eyes
> The amazing climax which glorifies the queen
>Cinematography is great and well picturized


> Boring plot to loose to and bear for 2hrs 45 Mins'
> Baseless to call this movie a 3D movie as it doesn't justify it in of the sequences
>More of philosophy then execution

Story Overview:

This is a movie based on Queen Padmavati and her complete story and all about the Rajputs who stand by their traditions rules no matter even if they have to give their life for living upto it , and about how a cruel prince tries hard to forcefully meet this queen to fulfill his deteriorated mindset and ideology , its a ultimate face off and how Rani Padmavati gracefully protects all the women and their dignity is somthing to look out for in the movie.


Dissappointed with the movie still if you wanna have a visual treat and unfolf the proud story of Rani Padmavati .. walkin to the cinemas and watch the movie this weekend

Monday, 22 January 2018


Average Thriller 2.5 Star
A film that could be a perfect edge to edge thriller fails in points like poor performances , missing story detailing and not so interesting screenplay to get the users totally engaged , this movies dosent bore you nor amaze you at its par but keeps you curious till the end but fails to leave a impact that a thriller is expected to.


> The suspense which keeps being a mystery till the climax
> Performance by the actress
>The plot of the film


> Poor Performance by the investigating officer played by Arbaaz Khan
> Poor screenplay at points
> Not so engaging sequence of events


A Person is found murdered and a women is held as prime suspect for this murder,the court on plea gives 3 days of time to dig in and investigate into the roots , officer Lokhande is on the case and he unfolds series of events and tries finding the clue which can lead him in identifying the real culprit. Now who is the real culprit? What is the mystery behind the murder etc is what the film is all about


Can be watched once as an average thriller movie as this ones not gonna bore you anyway and keep you curious and puzzled till the end of it.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Heights of a disaster film 1 Star
This situational dark  comedy is at parts a bit funny but more of  a irelevant cinema which makes absolute no sense , there are  a few stories running in parlell and by the end you realise though the director tries to converge these stories it fails badly , the climax is typical bollywood where in  bullet shot in air travels in slow motion to hit a person sitting at a different area when it returns to ground . A total waste of time and money


> The situational dark comedy at points seems impeccable and hilarious


>Horrible Background score
>Very bad editing
>No story Screenplay and plot
>The parlell stories running dont converge at a point or dont seem to be related anyway
>Worst performance by Saif in the recent times


Not at all recomended to be watched in the nearest cinema halls , a complete waste of screenspace and talent . Give it a skip

Sunday, 14 January 2018


Not Just Sports Drama its realistic cinema 4 Star
This film is based on a real story and Just when you feel its all like a biopic or sports drama that goes on a flow in narrating story of a boxer it comes out in surprise to be one of those films which shows you the face off with reality , real life problems , challenges and a unique plot which drives ahead to its end with its only fuel being love, This is a intense and punching film and a perfect start for Bollywood in 2018.


> Strong plot and a unique narrative which isn't just confined to a regular story flow but is lot beyond
> Super Punching and justifying performance by the lead pairs Vineet Singh & Zoya , Supporting cast,as well as Jimmy Shergil as the cruel villan
>Crisp Direction
>Punching and powerful dialouges to sometimes keep you giggling and sometimes feel the punch


> Editing could make the film a bit shorter which is the only drawback of the film


An aspiring Boxer wanting to take boxing to the next level feels the heat from the local politicial who is damn powerful and after a heated argument with each other the politician decides to mark an end to his dream and in the verge of doing this , he does everything to make sure he dosent get qualified even at the district level , on the personal front the boxer falls in love with the politicians niece which makes his life even more harder , now what are challanges he faces? How does he tackle it? What is the final outcome , what about his dream? all these questions will be answered when you watch the movie in nearest cinema halls


Highly recommended to be watched in the nearest cinema halls this weekend as this film has something new to offer you and has a plot worth spending your money watching. Walk in to the cinemas and watch this sports flick.