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Friday, 20 July 2018


Doesn't Matchup to expectation, Big Time Disappointment 2 Star ⭐⭐
Nowhere near to the original film SAIRAT,Music is the only Boon
Refreshing First Half but a dragged and elongated 2nd half, the film misses depth and core emotions,though the makers claim this to be just an adaption of the hit Marathi Film "SAIRAT" I found this to be complete copy/remake with a few changes in the sequence of events in the film being hodgepodged  and a small tweak in the climax which could have been kept intact for a better impact. This film is easily forgettable and I do not recommend it in the nearest cinema halls


>Music works positive for the film and it drives the film to an extent, even background score of the film is great
>Direction was good for the first half as it felt refreshing to watch it with the flow
>Supporting cast has done a great job and even Ashutosh Rana in the Negative role Shines
>The Message that this film delivers is an eye opener to the society which still has a narrow thinking


>Director had no idea what needs to be put in place in the second half and the movies goes totally off track and the emotional connect also misses out as the narration misses out on depth.
>Climax is a big let down ,Tweaking the climax was actually a bad idea which furthermore reduced the impact this film could have
>Poor Acting and Poor dialouge delivery by Jhanvi Kapoor & coming to Ishan it was just a mediocre performance


Better to watch the original Sairat as this film doesn't live up to its expectation,if the second half could have been made better then this film had all chances to shine to its best ,but the makers failed in an attempt to make it something different . Its a Skip for bollywood

Friday, 13 July 2018


Inspiring Journey But could have been better “ONE TIME WATCH” 3.5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5
This Movie is real struggle story of Hockey Star player also called flicker Singh,its a journey to be proud of,but the movie is more of dragged drama and seems half baked , few things are left unanswered, the direction and editing could have been better, screenplay had a lot of stuff that could be eliminated and replaced with the unanswered part ,overall this movie can be termed a one time watch this film solely drives on the performance by the ensemble cast .


>Diljit As Sandeep Singh has lived up to the expectation and he adds life to this film though its dragged beyond necessity 
>The struggle story of sandeep singh and his hardships portrayed is something India is proud of and even you will be proud of a player like him who killed all the odds , physically & mentally , its inspiring journey of a sportsman
>The rest of  ensemble cast Starting with Tapsee Pannu , Vijay Raz all have been amazing , Vijay Raz as coach makes us laugh , smile and cry 


>Too much drama and too many songs for a biopic making it divert the subject and go off track 
>The film is poorly edited , the editor could easily strip down this movie to 1:40 mins elimination unwanted drama and keeping it crisp
>Few things remain unanswered and you will be left puzzled 


Definetly not a flop this film can be watched once in the cinemas and feel proud of a brave and strong Sportsman Sandeep Singh who excelled with his will power despite of soo many odds and a major physical break down and made our country proud internationally . Go for it its a one time watch

Thursday, 28 June 2018


SANJU - One Man Many Lives
Crisp film the Rajkumar Hirani way 4.5 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5
WHOLE THEATRE ENDED UP CLAPPING 👏 @ THE CLIMAX AND EVEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP YOUR HANDS APPLAUSE 👏 for one of the best biopic ever made .Ranbir Kapoor ne ki acting ke Har maidan ko fateh with his exhilarating performance,totally nailed it , the screen play is just woow , this ones definitely one of the most unique biopics ever made. This film serves you all and all,it has emotion,humour and over and out thrill to keep you gripped and curious till its end . DONT FORGET TO WAIT FOR THE ROLLING CREDITS AS SANJU BABA HAS A CAMEO ALONGSIDE RANBIR KAPOOR 


>Crisp , smooth and totally engaging screenplay and direction by the ace director Rajkumar Hirani , he owes a big round of applause for his work
>Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt has got into the thick and thin of the character and delivered his career best performance 
>Veteran actors Manisha Koirala as well as Paresh rawal have done a great job , vicky kaushal & Anushka Sharma were also in their prime
>Music is great and the song Har Maidan Fateh is Adrenalin Pumping 
>Film has every element from friendship as a emotion to father son relation , to wife and husband standing by each other 
>Humour , thrill , curosity & emotions captured right in place makes this film worth watch at cinemas . 


>Personally i didnt find anything negative about this film , but for few of you the intitial pace of the film may feel a bit slow but then thats how a biopic is supposed to be as the film gets more n more engaging as it transits 


Poora paisa vasool , no second thought , no thrid thought watch it only in the cinemas as its worth your time and money totally . Do not miss this gem 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Race 3 (3D)

Race 3 (3D)
High Budget for absolutely nothing 1 Star ⭐️ 
Digestible only by bhai die hard fans .Exotic locales, super cars, glamorous cast  and whole lot spent on lavish sets bluntly for a movie which has no apt storyline or plot nor fulfils the action part as its totally overdosed and logic less . Direction is pathetic , music is horrible and basic of the basic logic fails like there are scenes which start at a point and the actors are in a particular outfit and the very same seen in few seconds continues in flow but the actors are seen in a different outfit , how on earth is that possible. First half total dead and lifeless only the last 40 mins of the film is watchable .Total disappointment from Bhai this Eid 


>Lavish sets , super cars and exotic locales with high level cinematography is something to look out for 
>Bhai fans will love bhai specially in a bike chase sequence which is thrilling of a kind 
>Twists in the last 40 mins of the film is something watchable and quite a thrill 


>Poor screenplay & Poor direction, director had no idea how to keep the film flow with life only the last 40 mins of the film has something to watch out the rest is all waste of time
>Peaks of overdosed action in the film only die hard fans will be able to digest Bhai flying in the air like a flying squad and stuff like this
>Music is a big disaster specially that selfish song playing 2 times in the film 
>Storyline is very weak except for random twists nothing feels inline 
>Movie has no logic from its start to its end 


Without Abbas Mastan  the director dup this film has lost its flavour and class , it has nothing to offer seems like the Race series is corrupted and its not a worth watch at cinemas . A miss for Bollywood 

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Veere Di Wedding

Veere Di Wedding 
Uncensored Version of the daily Soaps on Star plus 1.5 Star ⭐️.5
With huge spendings on sets , locations , music, costumes  they tried to make a movie like pyaar ka punchnama from the women’s prespective but fails big time in its execution as you see mellow drama more that what you can call cool stuff , bascially its like those daily soaps on television made bolder n uncensored. Totally disappointed with this film 


>Music is a positive for this film 
>Cinematography and locations are exotic in the film which is a visual treat
>Kareena kapoor and Sumit Vyas performance is natural and justified


>Lot of mellow drama which will eventually get u off from the film within 20 mins of the film 
>The film story and plot is weak thus delivers very low on content 
>Not everyone has performed well , few performances seem forced or weak


A movie to skip as it has nothing much to deliver in any aspect. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

PARAMANU - The Story Of Pokhran

PARAMANU -The Story Of Pokharan
Goosebumps guaranteed 4 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A proud film on a proud moment for India which you will proud of, by the end you would come back with goosebumps. The movie is to the point no extra exxgarated drama , no typical elements its neat and serves its purpose . A must watch for  every Indian sure to get you high in patriotic sentiment 

>The story is inspired by real events and its something you will be proud of 
>Screenplay is well written and executed without any extra or unwanted stuff which makes its clear on its purpose 
>Background music adds life to the film and is thrilling
>Daina Penty and John Abraham have done a good job on their part and performances
>Ensemble cast has done justice to their respective roles

The film is inspired by the real story of Pokhran execution of nuclear bomb test for the first time in the history of India which got our country a global presence and made us proud . The complete execution , the challanges faces by the team from within the system as well as the spy setup network . And what is the final outcome and how the execution of nuclear tests are taken palce is this thrilling story all about


its a worth watch at cinemas, a movie to be proud of . So walk in to the cinemas and watch this movie this weekend

Monday, 21 May 2018


A Normal Story Very well made 4 Star
This movie stands par for its making and the screenplay because this is  a normal story yet stands out because of the crisp direction and the way this movie has been narrated and stitched throughout its runtime, this film as everything on a whole scale starting from emotion,humor to action and a thrill in its climax . I highly recommend watching this film in the nearest cinema hall. Its a paisa vasool film


>Performance by the lead pair Samantha and Ram Charan are break through and they deliver the best of their performance in their career
>The Screenplay and narration keeps you connected and intrested in the film and thats what binds the movie goers in this movie
>Direction is crisp and the way things and situations are portrayed is level par and that contributes to the quality of the film this is
>Background music and songs are peppy and catchy and as per the situations and sequences it goes well
>Climax is not a typical one its something thrilling and twisted which makes it overall a movie to look out for in the cinemas


Its definetly a worth watch in the cinemas as its a combo of everything  a perfect entertaining movie is supposed to be made of . So no 2nd thought just go for it

Friday, 18 May 2018

High Jack

Mindless yet refreshing timepass Entertainer 2.5 Star ⭐️ ⭐️.5
A movie which is funny for a serious issue like highjack with lite moments to laugh out loud on , funny one liners and humour punching Dialouges . For timepass and fun moments this movie is watchable , but if you are looking for a quality film this one wont satisfy you . But if you can watch it as a mindless entertainer this ones gonna entertain you 


>Entertainment is what drives this film and this is one important thing which will keep you alive and connected 
>Sunit Vyas impeccable comic time is something to look out for 
>The lite hearted narration is what keeps the movie lively


> You need to keep your brains home for this mindless entertainer as few scenes miss logic 


If you are looking for few laughs and entertainment for this weekend go ahead and watch this emterrainer

Friday, 11 May 2018


Absolutely Stunning Spy Thriller 4 Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
A movie dedicated to the unsung hero’s who sacrifice their love,emotion family and everything for the nation . The film drives on strong content and is gripping from its very start to the end and stitched along with strong performances by Alia Bhatt and the ensemble cast. A movie worth watching in the cinemas and Bollywood Definetly needs more movies like this so Definetly watch this as you would return back with a happy feeling and patriotic chills . 


>Meghna Gulzar’s direction and narrative is engaging and will keep you gripped with its strong story line which is inspired by real events 
>Alia Bhatt delivers her best performance in the recent times with her par convincing role
>Content is the king and this film has pure content to drive it no exaggeration ,no Masala so if you love such movies you are gonna love this film
>Complete cast has done a great job 
>BGM is cool and syncs well as per sequences and situations


>At points the pace of the film can be a problem who few people but if you are connected with the film from its very begening you will hardly feel it


The film is about daughter who marries a pakistani to keep up her fathers mission of saving the nation So she goes ahead with a motive to spy on them and get their intentions and plans clear , in this verge a lot of events,secrets unfold and a lot of dangers come her way , now what is that all about and what is the final outcome does she succeed in finding the plan and save INDIA that is what the movie is all about .


Its definetly a worth watch in the cinemas and a complete paisa vasool film for its content and every other aspet

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Not So Effective 2 Star ⭐️ ⭐️
The film is based on the concept of undying hope that we need to possess to achieve our dreams,the plot narration and screenplay takes us on journey of various people and teaches us how hope plays a important role in our lives . The thought and idea of the film is great but could have been executed in much brighter picture . I do not recommend this in the cinemas . 

>Veteran Actor Naseerudin Shah is the sould of the film with his core justifying role and performance 
>The thought and idea behind the film is quite inspiring 
>Complete Ensemble cast has done a great job alltogether

>Slow paced and the story is purely predictable and plain making it not so effective as from the very first moment you know what is going to be the end 


Not a worth watch at cinemas as it is complete predictable story and wont keep you engaged till its end 

Monday, 7 May 2018

Nannu Ki Jaanu

Nannu Ki Jaanu
Strictly Average movie 2.5 Star
This is a movie with a take away for life it focuses on road safety,a story which is built up with humor and deliveres a message by its end ,the climax is super typical as every bollywood movie , this movie can be watched for timepass and has a few illogical sequences so its fair to tag it strictly average.

>The Movie is portrayed with humour which works as a positive point for the film
>The lead actors have done justice to their roles alltogether .
>The message this movie delivers is most needed for the current generation .


>Typical climax and build up of the story and its screenplay
>Illogical at points where you find few sequences with absolutely no logic and this may disappoint you at parts bits and bytes


Its a timepass watch movie and a film that you will easily forget .