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Friday, 20 October 2017

Golmaal Again

Golmaal Again
Stricty mediocre timepass comedy 2.5 Star  💫 💫 .5
Scores the lowest in the Golmaal Franchise 
Very few moments to laugh on and the story takes high time to bake and evolve out , a lot of scenes are forced comedy and overacted, leaving few genuinely funny scenes at disposal for the audience to laugh out loud . Editing could have made the movie better overall a timepass watch though i do not recommend watching it in the cinemas 


> Few comic scenes to blow u up with laughter , specially those involving Nana Patekar’s mimicry as part of the act
> Performance by Jhonny lever , Arshad warsi and Ajay devgn 
> Cameo by Nana Patekar Himself.
> Exotic shooting Locales to feast your eyes 
> Entertainment in few parts


> Overacting and forced comedy scenes 
> Too long Run time , it takes near about 60 minutes plus to come accross the actual story
> Less of entertainment and more of dragged drama


If you have absolutely nothing to do this long weekend go for this as a timepass entertainer and enjoy the entertainment on parts compromising with the drama . otherwise i do not recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls . Its a movie to be easily Forgotten

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Definetly adds up to the list of top 3 films of 2017 till date . A movie for those who dare to dream despite of a conserved and restricted family environment , movie with humour , emotion and a streak of inspiration to all the dreamers. Zaira Wasim as Secret Superstar Nailed it and AAMIR KHAN with every single presence on screen make you Laugh Out Loud . A perfect movie to watch out for this Diwali. 


> A inspiring and motivating story with a plot that bakes out to be a perfect emotional  and humorous film all together
>The emotion tangled with the film i.e the Love of a mother which is priceless thing in life is something that completely drives this film
>Top Notch perfomance by Zaira Wasim and a cameo worth remembering by Aamir Khan with all smiles lite up on ur face
>Screenplay keeps you connected throughout the runtime and you are sure to get goosebumps by the end and a lot of laughs during the runtime


The story is about this young aspiring girl Insia who dreams to be a big singer a sensational singer with her talent but is restricted by her own father who finds all this bullshit but in her journey from a normal girl who cant dream to a secret superstar who becomes a youtube sensation over night with her mysterious identity of secret super star singing in burkha stands with her is her Mother who tries her best to get freedom for her and what happnenes next how does she get to the next level , what is Shakti Kumars contribution and what is the final outcome she the secret superstar reveal her identity , does her big dream come true ? What about her father ? And the rest of the questions will be answered when you walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Its definetly among the top 3 films of 2017 .. A worth Watch at cinemas with no doubt. This one is not a miss for bollywood . Go for it with no second thought .