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Friday, 15 September 2017

Lucknow Central

Lucknow Central
A mesmerising tale to watch out 4 Star ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
This film about  undertrials and the dreams that they leave behind and wait for justice to knock their doors is something new and is sure to keep you gripped and connected throughout the complete runtime. Its a mesmerising story of how passion takes over and breaks all barriers to evolve out by the end. Its a worth watch at cinemas , this movie has a great story to look out for .


The film takes u on journey of this passionate man who is looking for creating his own band and creating his mark in the field of music but lands behind the bars . what happens next? Why does he land behind the bars? How does he create his own band in the jail? Is there a hidden motive behind this? What is the final
Outcome is what the movie is all about . The screenplay is filled with high and low both in right balance making sure that you arent loosing the track. Climax is heart winning


Ensemble cast which has delivered to its best starting with Farhan Akhtar in his intense yet simple avatar, Deepak Dobriyal with his perfect comic time , Ronit Roy in his raged out avatar and Diana Penty in her sweet and convincing role .
The plot is something new to look out for and the story has humour as well a raw emotions which work is positives for the film 
Every role connects to the audience in its own way and every role has got its own space and importance in the film which makes it a film keeps the connection with all its characters throughout making it a worth watch


As the film was highly based on music and band the songs could have been better , except one song or 2 songs the rest turn out to be boredom
Legnth of the movie could have been reduced as at few parts it does feel a bit exaggerated ie editing could have been better .


There r flaws but dosent over power the content if film, Its a worth watch at cinemas it has something convincing , something to look out for and as an over all viewing experience it delivers you a happy and warm feeling by the end watching the film in the cinemas 

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