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Friday, 4 August 2017


Jab Harry Met Sejal
Slow paced but adorable love story 3.5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 
The film travels around beautiful and exotic locales taking you on a graceful journey with brilliant cinematography backed with electric and super lovely chemistry between KING KHAN & ANUSHKA SHARMA and a love story thats worth watching,only drawback is a climax which feels to be a sudden end and leaves you with feeling of incompleteness,the first half is witty,humorous and fun filled coming to the 2nd half its quite dramatic. The way a simple love story is portrayed the Imtiaz ali way is amazing to watch for on the celluloid. Its a worth watch for all those who love ❤️Love stories only thing you have to bear with is the pace of the film as its a bit slow going.


The screenplay is not as usualy typical lover stories here we have actual events and a space where the love story has its scope in running , there no extra mellow drama , its balanced and gets going in a way that it connects the characters with a feel and emotion . The post climax scenes are sure to make you moist eyed and the chemistry between the lead pairs boost up the value of the movie. Climax could have been better as it ends all of a sudden leaving you wondering .The story is about a young lonely and lost tour guide who has somewhere hidden the actual person within him amidst all the race in life , thats when he meets Sejal on a tour and as the tour ends the lost ring of sejal gifted to her by her fiancé is lost and that paves way for sejal to stay back and look for the ring and she hired back harry for the same , Harry and Sejal revisit  every place that they went through during the tour in search if the ring but fail to find it , but amidst all this they both discover a hidden person within themselves and those hidden characters fall in love with each other but when they get back to their real lifes thy realize they cant be together and that sejal cant cheat on her fiancé , what happens next? Does sejal
Find her ring? What about Harry & Sejals love story? Whats the final outcome of all this . So for answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


KING KHAN SHAHRUKH KHAN is the king of romance and no one does it as good as him he has nailed it with his perfomance his charm and his presence on screen just makes the crowd go whoo and whistling, Anushka Sharma also has given a gem of perfomance and their chemistry is just sizzling and adorable they add more Weightage to the film with their chemistry and pairing . Rest follows the ensemble cast who has done a decent job


Pritam has given a decent music for the film i wont say top notch hit but definetly something which adds value to the film , Radha track will make you dance along , Hawayeein will take you literally high with love in the air , Buttery will take you to Punjab in those sarso ke kheet .


Its a worth watch at cinemas its by far the best romantic film of this year you can watch for im the cinemas with family and friends . Get going and walk in to the nearest cinema halls and experince the dose of romance .

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