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Friday, 7 July 2017


Gripping Story & Heart Touching movie 3.5 Star
This movie is a rape-revenge drama which puts light on the how a judciary system can fail at times to provide justice to a victim who is already going through extreme trauma,the film stands on the theme that "Bhagwan Har Jaga nahi hoosakte isiliye unhone Maa Banayii" a emotional and touching story of a step Mom who goes beyond everything to get justice for her daughter who has stopped living her life post this inhuman crime, her unconditional love and the way she gets those morons punished in her own way will just blow your mind . The climax is sure to get you teary eyed and touch you in the most emotional way ever. I highly recommend watching this movie in the nearest cinema halls


Well when you hear Rape-Revenge drama you get a feeling of many movies based on this theme which were very similar in plot but i assure you will not be disappointed with this as the narration is fresh and the plot is worth funding your time on, there is a feeling , a connect that will take you long this film and you would come back with a happy feeling ,the story is about this happy family a father who is a businessman and has lost his first wife, he has a elder daughter who is at her schooling days,and a younger daughter , now inorder to ensure his chidren get a decent upbrining he has married a school teacher played by Sridevi everything seems fine except for the fact that the elder daughter denies to accept her father second wife as her Mom , she is seen taunting her every single day but the couple still hopes everything will go fine one day. After a few days father goes on a business trip to Newyork for 10 days and a mishap takes place here , the girl who goes for party at her friends place is groped in and gang raped by a set of inhuman morons who cant get over their ego and fact that she rejects one of the guy from their gang. Post this incident the brave girl some how critically survives but her life is shattered,she forgets to live her life normal she is in shock and her case is in fastrack court for judegement she identifies all these guys who were a part of this crime but then due to lack of evidence the court sets these criminals free. This makes her life even more worse and her Mom who sees all this feels her pain to the core and she takes up a decision to do her best her own way to punish these criminals and in the process is Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is a professional detective who helps her all the way long with information,secrets and other stuff and she starts her mission of teaching those morons what it takes to be on the recieveing end . What happens next? Does she suceed? what are the challanges she faces? Do the cops discover her plan? how exactly the detective helps her? Does her daugheter accept her whole heartedly as her Mom? is the movie all about


Sridevi has delivered brillianlty in her role as Mom , the emotions and her expressiveness is commendable in her role ,Adnan Siddiqui in the role of father is charming and has done justice to his role, versatile actor Nawazuudin as always steals the show with his hilarious perfomance as Detective everytime you smile or lauhg he is the reason for it ,par natural acting,Sajal ali as the elder daughter and Rape Victim has delivered to her best and at scenes where she breaks down and is seen shattered she just nails it with her perfomance , the fearless cop played by Akshay Khannee is also commendable and finally Abhimanyu Singh in a negative role is crazily cruel and justifying,his looks add to his negative role as well.

Final Verdict

Its a worth watch at cinemas ,movie has a beautiful story with lot of emotions supporting it to keep you engaged,the screenplay keeps you gripped and the climax just blows you with vibes of heart touching feel and a happy feeling after watching this movie . Its a must watch at cinemas
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  1. Hey, i was planning to watch this movie thanks for updating us with the storyline. Also, tell me something about the HARY MET SEJAL, should I go for this one too?