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Friday, 23 June 2017

Tubelight[200th Review]

TUBELIGHT [My 200th Film Review]
Only excess Emotion and no plot 2.5 star
A slowing paced movie with lot of emotion embedded in parts but makes no sense as there is no proper story or a strong plot for the movie to support . Well feast for Salman Khan fans to watch him in a completely different avatar where he is not seen in any action sequence or badass character here he is at his peaks with his innocence and sweet child like character ,at few points he makes your eyes moist and a few he just makes u smile . The skeleton of the movie is same as Bhajrangi Bhaijaan film , Watch it only if you are a Salman fan  .


The screenplay is not smooth going it starts off beautifully but then gets into a slow paced barrier and continues to bore you until you arrive the climax where a few scenes are sure to melt your heart and the rest is just a forgettable experience. The story is about this man Laxman who is immature at a mature age who knows only the language of love,he loves his brother the most and his brother is his only support when the rest bully him and call him Tubelight, their bond is strong but one day his elder brother bharat played by Sohail goes to the war field at the border and amidst all the tension between the 2 countries many soilders loose their lives even laxman gets the news of his dead brother but what he has learnt from long keeps him hopeful that his brother will return he keeps up the faith and the while film talks about yaakeen mane faith and belief that everything will be fine , he also convinces himself that if he has belief he can turn anything round and he gets this lesson from a famous magician played by ShahRukh Khan magically . Now does his brother return or he is really dead? Does his belief work wonders for him ? What are the challenges he faces in absence of his brother?  What is that inspires him soo much?  Does his never ending faith and belief get his brother back to life ? Is the movie all about 


Late Om Puri Ji has delivered an amazing perfomance all together he stands out as one of the prime roles of the film , coming to Salman Khan he too has convinced u at parts with his sweet child life character and at parts he makes ur eyes moist . Actress Zhu Zhu had a very short role and she has done well coming to Ayub Zehsan as a racist has done complete justice to his role . ShahRukh Khan in his cameo has been too good he has a important role in he film t watch for. Rest follows the ensemble cast


If you are a die hard Salman Khan fan you are sure to love this movie as you would see him in a experimental role . Over all as a general audience do not expect much on story front . All the movies has in loads is emotion and emotion in excesss . 

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