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Friday, 12 May 2017

Meri Pyaari Bindhu

Meri Pyaari Bindhu
Complete Disappointment and disaster 1.5 Star 
A movie with absolutely no story line
Music and fatafatti chemistry between the lead pairs with some lite hearted humour is the only saving grace of the film apart from this the film has absolutely nothing in store to be called a movie . Climax is highly to make you walk out from the theatres as its prolonged out of bounds and after all the wait there is nothing worth it . I do not recommend watching this im the nearest cinema halls


The screenplay keeps you coupled with the film till the interval with classical soothing music at the back drop and a humorous narrative at the front end but post interval the film takes on being traumatic and repetitive and absolutely makes no sense , and then the climax , even if the climax was not there in the film it wouldn't make any difference same as its presence doesn't make even a small impact .
Well the story is about 2 young hearts Abhi and Bindu who at their childhood meet each other turn out to be best friends and remain to be besties till their teenage where a disaster in Bindus life takes her away from Kolkata and Abhi heads forward for his higher studies meanwhile they still be in touch as normal friends until the day they meet up at Goa and then they continue on at mumbai to be lovers finally and then as every typical Bollywood love story the girl in her confusion between her career and life chooses career ! They part ways from each other then what happens finally ? Do they patch up? DOES THEIR LOVE STORY COME ON TRACK?  Does Bindu repent dumping Abhi at a peak moment? Well all these questions will be answered with absolutely no sense by the end of the movie . 

PERFOMANCES & Background Score

The only things worth in the film are the perfomances by the lead pair and a soothing classical 90s music narrative , the chemistry between Ayushman and Pareenithi is amazing and they have both together been graceful , funny and adorable . Rest follows the ensemble cast


Not at all a worth watch at cinemas the movie has absolutely no story , no sense , no reality its talent wasted and screen time completely wasted .  For more visit http://yoviews.com

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