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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium
Brilliant & amazing ,a movie with a heart 4 Star 
Tooooo Goood Completely Worth it,support movies like this to mint higher profits at cash registers these are rare of the gems.The movie takes on our present education system and how poverty stricken people pay the cost for this, the way a contrast between the poor and a rich is portrayed alongside the narration is commendable,it directly touches your heart and the fact you get by the end is worth it, it gives you a direct reality check of our present society and you ate sure to return back applauding the film to the core


The screenplay is perfectly written transiting smoothly with its sensible story,amazing transition and woven with a lot of humour to keep you connect with the film throughout its runtime,simple of the facts are presented in a very humorous manner which in fact tell the fact and reality of reality so sensibly at the same time keeping you entertained.The climax just wins your heart and you are sure to return clapping or extremely applauding this film . The story is about this rich couple who are fighting their battle to get their daughter admitted in top school at Delhi but the demands of these top schools for admission make their life a battle,things go even worse when the parents are suppose to attend a interview,they shift their house to a lavish mansion to adapt to the luxurious high class family grade where everyone just flaunts and flatters with English as a measure of intelligence,the couple does everything  to make sure their daughter gets admission but they fail , now the last hope and way they find is to prove themselves poor and get a seat in that quota which is reserved for poor,they go to a level where they shift to a slum area and stay there like any other normal person. Now what next? And meanwhile do they adapt to the sorrundings,people ? What is that they learn staying with people who are poor economically but rich by heart ! Do they manage to get admission ? For all these questions walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Irffan khan is at his best with his natural and impeccable comic time he is the best and makes you smile he has totally nailed it with such an ease ,Saba Qamar is sweet and has done her role as mother quite wel , Deepak Dobriyal is another show stealer in the film with his super amazing acting skills he just touches your heart with his perfomance.Rest follows the ensemble cast


I highly recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls , its a must watch for bollywood , trust me you will never regret watching this movie its gurantee , no second thoughts just walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie his weekend 
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