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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Begum Jaan

Begum Jaan
I give it a one time watch 3 Star
This one focuses on women power and how a women can take her stand defending the whole corrupt and inhuman system no matter what her profession is . its a brave attempt by the director to showcase a film in contrast with the great Rani Laxmi Bai at the backdrop and narrate a film at the forefront beautifully . The only drawback for this film remains to be that its dramatized to the very high level which at points looks unrealistic but over all can be watched once in the cinemas near you.


The screenplay could have been a bit better with few dramatic moments skipped out to make it a worth watch all together but as a whole package the film has emotion action to keep you gripped till the end and a touching climax . The Story is about Begum Jaan and her complete team who are sex workers and own a place away from the village their place which they consider as a palace is full of colors , fun and they stay there in complete unity but one fine day a notice strikes their doors a notice to evacuate the place as a international border is supposed to be set up which passes right from the middle of their place , they deny evacuating the place on multiple requests they stand for the fact that though India has got independence the women of the country are still not safe and nor they have their share of freedom so Begum jaan trashes this request after which a lot of violence acts come their way some loose life but still begum jaan stands tall she tries every possible way to stand by her decision , midst this a few betrayals , challenges come along but they all stand tall but then whats the  outcome?  Does Begum Jaan suceed in retaining her palace ? Are thier lifes spared? who are the ones who betray her? for all the questions to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Vidya Balan is the whole and soul of this film no one could do the role of begum with such ease as Vidya she has done her best completely a intense role coming to the negative role Chunky Pandey as Kabira i bet you will not be able to even recognise him such is his makeover and he has been excellent and cruel to the level best to suit well as a Villan . FInally the rest of the cast has done thier job equally well


Its a bit heavily dramatised but can be watched once in the cinemas given the theme and perfomances from the lead pairs  

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