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Friday, 24 March 2017


An enlighting love story one time watch 3 Star
 Everything is just so soulful and soothing the VFX and Holographic 3D projection of Anushka as Ghost is crisp and winning, songs are Touching ,narration till the interval is so positive and mind blowing only thing that fails for the movie is its dragged 2nd half which is extended and exaggerated to a level which extremely bores you at parts . Over all it can be watched once for those humorous moments and all the love emotion and touching flavour of story it has.


The screenplay is backed with humour , emotion with narration and transition in sync with 2 parlel stories until interval post which the film gets dull due to its dragged and over stretched sequences . The climax is touching . The story is about this young girl and a young boy from the village Phillaur both possess immense love for music but these were the times when music and singing were considered as something bad and had no respect from the society amdist this these 2 youngsters carry their love for music in their own way and then slowly fall in love and tat changes both of their lives completely now how does shashi become a ghost ? What happens to roop kumar who plays the love interest of sashi ? What is the story at the backdrop and who are these new people in the front end where shasi goes in as a ghost and what has the tree got to do with all this ? What happenes finally? For the complete story do wath Phillauri in the nearest cinema halls


Anushka Sharma as Shashi has nailed it completely she has been super awesome with her performance and coming to Diljith he has too done par justice to his role , and the newbies suraj sharma and mehrene have done their job equally well


Its bit slow paced but if you can bear with its worth watching in the cinemas as it has got a nice story to portray by the end . You will come out with a warm happy feeling watching this movie .

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