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Monday, 27 March 2017

Anaarkali Of Aarah

Anaarkali Of Aaraah
A movie with a solid point at disposal 3.5 Star ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️.5
There are rare of these kinda movies which focus on the real issues in the society and this ones definetly intense attempt for a cinema
Which wins with its plot . But the sad fact being its a low budget film and most of them would miss watching this in the cinemas . But i would like to say support movies like these to mint higher profits at the box office so that we have sensible cinema time and again.


The screenplay is very well written and edited to have a perfect runtime which makes it a movie which serves its point and theme without being dragged for no reason , the transition from first half to post interval seamlessly goes on with a decent narration . The climax just blows u high on curiosity and excitement . The story is about this young girl Anarkali who sings at the local functions and fairs organised in the town  and dances along with her unique steps and entertains the audience and in this film she is the Anarkali of a place named Aarah in Bihar , she is quite famous and known for her way of song of dance and people go crazy for her perfomance everything seems perfect until the day this man in power named VC publicly molests her and calls it love and post the incident he tries convincing her but she stands tall with the fact that she is a singer but that doesn't mean she has no self respect,but even the cops do not support her and she is labelled a sex worker as this man who molested her is in power and is misusing it as he wants he asks her to compromise in numerous obscene ways but she denies and that costs her high and she finally leaves the town . So is this the end of Anarkalis existence in Aarah? Or does she come back in a way no one ever expects? What happens to this cruel politician? Does she prove that all the allegations on her are false? Does she get back her self respect exploited by unfair means? For all these questions to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Swara Bhaskar as Anarkali of Aarah has been raw and natural to her best and the accent she has adopted for her role is perfect which seems she is totally absorbed into her character she delivers a performance to remember . Coming to Sanjay Mishra as the bad politician he too has done justice to his role  and the rest follows the ensemble cast who has been equally good


Its a worth watch at cinemas the story plot and execution is intense and naturally deployed into a story which is convincing. walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie

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