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Friday, 13 January 2017

Ok Janu

Ok Janu
Strictly mediocre & repetitive 2.5 star
A movie with a enlightening first half, dragged a repetitive 2nd half and a typical climax in between all this is the sizzling chemistry between the lead actors which makes it a fair affair to call it watchable to a extent and of course Music is another feast point for the movie but over and all i didn't find anything new in this movie its typical to its core ,perhaps this movie would work if it would have been released a few years back but now tat we have seen soo many flicks similar to this its makes no sense to watch this in the cinema halls . Couples can perhaps watch this for a quick value boost . Else i dont recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls


The screenplay is written smartly and in a proper flow and there is a certain mechanism so as to explain each and every thing happening in the movie and the credit goes to Mani Ratnam Sir for the wonderful write up and narration and to sync this up everything works well except a story that has nothing new nothing extra ordinary its similar to those typical Bollywood love stories this movie has a emotion but losses track some how and gets the audience bored by the end of the movie and then the movie suddenly ends leaving you shocked that thats all it was about . The story is about 2 youngsters who fall in love but commit to never marry as they are carrer concious and also do not believe in the idea of marriage they hang out have fun and then no sooner get into a live in relationship they learn a lot from the owner of their house who has a wife suffering from alzimer disease now they see how these couples lead their life even after years by the time they lead their life in fun its time to part for the young couples one of them to Paris and the other to America .Now what do they choose between career and love? Do they marry each other or live up to their commitment of not marrying  Are the questions that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Aditya Roy Kapur and Sharddha Kapoor have been good with their chemisty though not the best but they have certainly managed to convince the audience , Nasirudin shah who has played the role of owner has been amazing with his perfomance and rest follows the ensemble cast


This movie is strictly average and has nothing new to keep you engaged so i do not recommend this in the nearest cinema halls but still if you want reasons to watch this i would say the way movie transits and the chemistry could be a reason you can go ahead for this movie

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