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Friday, 18 November 2016

Force 2

Force 2
Its a decent watch 3.5 Star 🌟🌟🌟.5
DEDICATED TO EVERY UNSUNG HERO WHO HAS DEDICATED HIS/HER LIFE FOR THE COUNTRY . Force 2 keeps up to its expectation as a neat sequel to its prequel Force.
The plot and narration is well written and presented in a well to do manner add ons being  decent action,punching dialogues,thrilling surprises,rocking strategies and strong performance supporting the plot. The film is flavoured with every ingredient in right balance,  What works out bad is logic of the movie fails at some point being completely ilogical .IT HAS A EMOTION TO CONNECT TO .I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED WATCHING THIS IN THE NEAREST CINEMA HALLS


The screenplay is well written and goes about in a steady pace its neither too fast nor too slow but it makes sure to keep you curiously gripped of whats going to happen next and the way the story unfolds and strategies used to unfold is a big hats off to the director ,the climax was a new try a kind of game like cinematography which was a bit odd as it didnt come out well and was a bit hodgepodge but is avoidable .The story is about this young police officer yashvardhan who is dynamic,badass and unstoppable he joins hand with Raw after he discovers his close friend harish who was a raw agent at bejing had been killed taking over with the lead given by harish yash set off to Raw headquaters and explains the decoded message from his dead friend harish and he takes up  an oaath to finsh the person who is behind killing of all the inncoient RAW spy and the rest who are in danger . So in this case comes along sonakshi sinha who is from raw she accompanies him on this mission ,Now how do they trace down this master mind who is leaking out the names of RAW spy and getting then in danger ,what is his motive? Why is this being carried out? Is there a motive for war? Or is it anything personal? And how does John and Sonakshi fight out all odds and come out safe ? For all these questions to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


The perfomances have been rock solid with John Abraham rocking it with his tough avatar as a fearless cop and Sonakshi Sinha has also been rocking with her perfomance ,Tahir basin who has played the bad guy has also been brilliant with his dialouge delivery and over all perfomance . Genelias special appearance comes as a surprise and she is sweet as always , even Boman iranis cameo was a surprise .


I RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS IN THE NEAREST CINEMA HALLS,It has a patriotic sentiment it has a emotion to connect and i feel its worth the money you pay as it offers you what it promises and keeps u to its prequel force with alll force. For more visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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