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Friday, 28 October 2016


Action takes an edge but a non impactful narration 2 Star 🌟🌟
This movie has a flat predictable plot and typical action overdose,though action seems good and even cinematography ie the camera work is amazing with vivid locations and brilliant effects and coverage the film fails to keep you engaged  nor the film emotionally connects the audience it goes flat and plain with no impact at all . First half of the movie is completed wasted on stuff that didn't need much attention like extra exaggerated mountain
Trekking sequences n unnecessary action the second half is plain predictable so doesn't give u thrill of a perfect watch .


The screenplay is written in an hodge podge manner ie max of the runtime is wasted on unnecessary sequences which didnt need that level of coverage and scope ,action sequences are dragged ,dialogues are  below average ,no punch ,no thrill no emotion and goes exactly as u expect it to so you dont find any sequence interesting or out of the box , the climax was an deliberate attempt of showing off emotion and a bit if drama but again it was a complete mess and state of confusion . The story is about this man who is a mountaineer and has special powers to fight in situation of need and he helps the people who are in danger now life takes a u turn when his own family life comes to an danger state his daughter is kidnapped by a cruel child trafficking gang at Bulgaria during his visit and now he takes up a decision to fight against all this all alone as no cops ,no officers come forward to help him so how does he fight against all the odds and trace this gang and find his daughter ,does he succeed , what are the challanges he faces ? Is he finally helped by some1 or not ? Are the questions that will be answered when you watch the movie in the nearest cinema halls


Ajay devgn has given a power packed performance specially the action sequences are well carried by the actor ,coming to emotions he has not faired upto the mark as it seems to have no impact at all , the actress Erika kaar her accent has worked out odd for her and her performance is just normal coming to sayesha saigal the supporting actress has done justice to her role. Big applause to the cinematographer who has done his job to the par excellence with such exotic coverage of every location .


If you are a Ajay devgn fan go for this movie its not up to the mark as a normal movie goer review i rate this as not recommended in the cinemas . Still if you are okie with the predictable plot and a non impactful narration go for the movie in the cinemas
#Shivaay #yehhaishivaaykidiwali
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