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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Raaz Reboot

My take 2 star
This installement of Raaz has something to make you think over and be curious but finally dosent delivery anything new other than the usual mantra of driving away the ghosts in a typial vishesh film productions way. As usual the plot has something which starts off as a mystery and then gets solved and finally gets dissolved . I did not find any freshness on the script as the end atleast is as plain copy as many other horror movies. Moreover most of you would find it hard to accept a hero as the Ghost .


Thw screenplay is quite well going till the second half begins as we see a lot of curiousity pumping sequences but as time passes by it looses its instinct to keep you engaged as the plot merely goes plain and not so intresting. The transition of story was well written but fials due to lack of orignality .The story is about a young couple who move to a new place and there the girl finds he house to be haunted and she starts feeling strange vibes and reports ot to her husband but he dosent seem to react which turns the situation bad nd things get worse day by day and one fine day the spirit just posesses the girl and comes out to be undefeating . As mytery starts getting unvieled a lot of raaz comes out , raaz about the girls past , raaz about the boy and then how do they tackle it and wat are these raaz all about and do they suceed in driving away the spirit is the movie all about


EMRAAN HASHMI as usual has been normal with his acting but his role as a ghost seemed not so great,Kriti khatbanda has been amazing and gorgeous all throughout and coming to the actor gaurav he has been good with his expresisons and follws the ensemble cast


its not a worth watch at cinemas as there is nothing intensifying to qualify this one as a out n out horror movie . For more visit http://yoviews.com

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