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Friday, 9 September 2016


My Take 2.5 Star
Baar Baar Dekho is EEK BAAR DEKHO Types
This romantic flick is something unique with a unique plot the first half is engaging and keeps you curious but the second half comes out as sheer mess and most of you will be left dissappointed due to weak execution , the final message which concludes the movie is worth watch and delivers a message to carry on in ur life , the toppings to this film remain a commercial love story and superb music specially Kala Chasma Drew all attention and we could see this son feature at the end of this movie and that was kind of most awaited moment for max of the people in the cinemas , SO IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOVE STORY WHICH IS DIFFERENT THEN WALK IN TO THE NEAREST CINEMA HALLS AND WATCH THIS MOVIE THIS WEEKEND.


The screenplay is brilliant in the first half as it keeps the audience curious and leaves them completely guessing and the exitement continues until the second half which actually meses up and seems very much repetitive and you just wait for it to end , but then the beautiful message unvieled in the second half is worth and then offcourse kala chasma takes you on a complete Yo Yo Groom up :) The story is about a young guy and a young girl who are commited from a very tender age ie 8 years and as they grow up their relation gets stronger but then in the verge of persuing bigger dreams the boy ditches the girl and says he has his own dreams and he is not ready for all this and then from that moment starts a strange phase of his life where each day counts as 2 years of his life and he is left clueless on whats happening in his life slowly within 10 days he turns out to be 44 years and he sees his life getting ruined but has no clue why all this is happening to him he comes at a stage of his life where he gives up because by that time he has lost everythingin his life . But then he gets a few chances to change his life but how does he do that ?? And is it possible to get back to the years he has lost ? Does his relationship last forever ? Does he get back his life Is the movie all about


Siddharth Malhotra has been normal with his acting and has delivered wont say out of the box perfoamnce but definetly convinving enough and katrina kaif has been gorgeous all throught and coming to her acting it goes as usual as she acts in rest of the movies , Ram Kapoor has been a charming father and follows the ensemble cast


Its one time watchable if you love watching love stories , and also to quote this movie isint the typcial khandani dushmani turning out as friendship kind of love story is a bit unique though the narration was glitchy i found a message which could enlingten the audience so i go with calling it a one time watch

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