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Friday, 2 September 2016


Definitely a ONE TIME WATCH 3 star
The film is a kind of stereo type movie but the central power character being a Girl garns weightage for her undying and never give up spirit and finally ends with a message for every girl to be Akira and fight  every odds and work for good . Action sequences are very well designed ,Meanwhile the story suppresses the power of Akira then it actually was suppose to be shown as .The actors have done a great job which adds an extra value for the film . But the odds for the film remain one of them is that it is over dramatic at parts and a pot of unwanted twists making rounds all around in the movie but over all if u can bear with the dramatic stuff and a over stretched runtime walk in to the nearest cinema halls.


The screenplay goes the 90s way with drama and a few twists the narration is quite slow and the complete plot and storyline dosent give much scope for the character Akira to be completely explored or given justice . The action sequences add power to the film and background score adds beauty to the sequences.The climax is heart touching tough not a completely happy ending but still it leaves the audience convinced. The story is about this young girl Akira who is trained by her father to fight all odds and always fight for the  truth she even holds a personal history of being jailed for 3 years then she joins college and in between some confusion she is kidnapped by a team of bad and corrupt cops with the intention to kill but then they realise that this girl  is not the one they were actually finding for but by then things run out of their hands and this gals gets to know about the cops now with the fear of being exposed the cops admit her to a mental asylum where she is brutally harassed and given shock treatment and a few medication to keep her numb and lost now how does she tackle this ..? Does she successfully survive and get out of the mental asylum and expose these bad cops or whats the outcome is the movie all about


Sonakshi sinha as AKIRA has been powerful all throughout and has rocked in her role to the fullest she has done complete justice to her role undoubtedly and then coming to the bad cop Anurag Kashyp he has been all in the frame in the negative role and completely put up a perect show in the movie .


Its not too good it not too bad but its watchable so i say its a one time watch you can watch it as a mass entertainer movie in the nearest cinema halls
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