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Friday, 12 August 2016


Mohenjo Daro
An Onetime Watch 3 star 🌟 🌟🌟
There is nothing historic about the movie 🎬 nor the STORY LINE has something new to offer it's a kind of same old LOVE STORY And REVENGE DRAMA what makes it  watchable is SPECTACULAR CAMERA WORK AND AMAZING ACTION SEQUENCES and a BRILLIANT SCREENPLAY in sync with AR REHMANS SOOTHING MUSIC .  The beautiful actress POOJA HEGDE IS ALL IN THE FRAME , & HRITIK IN A RUGGED N TOUGH AVATAR .Definitely a onetime watch.
The screenplay is well baked and presented in a classic way so as to convince the audience in it's kind if narrative . The amazing visuals and camera work is what deservers big time applause . The climax scene was super awesome and i should say it will leave you with goose bumps . The story is about this young boy with rugged looks sarman who has a starnge attraction towards this place mohenjo daro he finally after a lot of drama gets a chance to go to mohenjo daro there he falls in love with this beautiful lady played by pooja hedge ,no sooner he realizes that her father who is a pujari is responsible for his father's death Sujan , who was a  honest man but this cruel king who is still in power killed him for the fact that his father went against his will, Now how does hritik rebel back how does he take revenge and what  his love story got in store is the movie all about . Does Mohenjo Daron and it's people get justice and freedom from.this cruel king ? For all these answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend
HRITIK ROSHAN has put up an amazing show with his par to par amazing performance in the complete movie . Coming to the debut actress POOJA HEGDE she has been beautiful in every frame and has done complete justice to her role . ADITYA PANCHOLI as the cruel.king has been convincing as well and coming to Manish Chaudhry as the Poojari has made his presence worth felt in the  movie and his character stands out as one of the most important ones
Its definitely a worth watch in the cinemas for the spectacular camera work and amazing visual and a completely amazing action front which the movie has . Ignoring the flaws owing to it's basic plot and typical story the way this movie is made is brilliant .

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