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Friday, 1 July 2016


Disappointing 1.5 star ๐ŸŒŸ.5
NOT AT ALL FOR FAINT HEARTED as its full of blood shed
 There was a very good message to carry along and ie THERE IS NO BIGGER RELIGION THEN "INSAANIYAT"(HUMANITY)  but the film is not worth watch at cinemas.
A movie on communal violence which could have been made beautifully goes  mellow dramatic,plotless and unevenly paced and the complete frame runs in blood shed and extreme violence which somewhere shows the dark reality but then too much extra exaggerated. .
The screenplay goes to much over dragged and mellow dramatic to the point u feel when will this killing riot end but it goes on till the end of the movie pointlessly and then ends somewhere focusing on politics which disappoints the plot  deviates .But it focuses on few real life aspects and happenings which show case the dark side of our society . The film is about a town and 2eading political leaders leading 2 different communities now in the game of votes one among these leaders takes advantage of a mishap in the town to connect it with religion and provoke people to fight against the other community and this goes horribly bad and there is blood shed  all around in the town and the girl who gets dragged is this becomes their target she is being saved but then finally what happens which party wins? What happened to the girl ? Is the movie all about
Jimmy shergil in a complete different avatar in terms of acting as well as his looks has done a good job, Ashutosh rana as a good politician has done a commendable job as usual rest of the cast have been average
Not a recommended watch at cinemas and not at all for the faint heart as there is lot of blood shed all around in the frame till the end of the movie . The film fails miserably . For more visit http://yoviews.com

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