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Friday, 22 July 2016


BOHOT KHUB,Magizhchi , A one time worth watch 3.5 STAR 🌟🌟🌟.5
For RAJINI SIR FANS 4.5 STAR definetly
Punching ,Power Packed and Rajinikanth's aura ,style and mannerism get the audience go whoo and whistling all throughout.From the entry scene ie THE RAJINI STYLE WALK to the climax his WICKED LAUGHTER,RUGGED LOOKS AND HIS CLASSIC ATTITUDE its THE SUPERSTAR all over the frame who plays the classic gangster drives this film to its atmost craze delivering adrenaline punping and punching moments . The script was good but could hav been executed better as at few points the film fails to impress but over all a worth watch and a complete powerful show by the complete cast
The screenplay is very well written till the interval where u get to see superstar Rajini in a Strong a rugged avatar smashing all his enemies ,post interval the films gets low on pace and it turns towards the family perspective of the gangster which drags for a while but then the film gets back in power towards the end of the movie with twists and turns and a lot of masaledar fights in THE RAJINI STYLE will surely get you high dosed classic action dose . Background score plays a vital role by giving scene to scene fight to fight sync getting the best of the powerful sequences.The story is about a powerful gangster kabali who fights for the betterment of people from his very tender age but then in an police encounter he is jailed.for approx 25 years his return from the jail with the same energy and double rugged looks get the bad guys on fire 🔥 as kabalis return marks their end and with the fear of losing their empire they plan to finish kabali but kabali goes undefated though he faces a lot of challenges including loss of his loved ones he stands out strong and his confidence gets him back all that he has lost in those 25 years of his jail period. So now how does he finish his enemies , and what is the outcome is the movie all about and moreover its about THE RAJINIKANTH STYLE that you can't afford to miss . So walk in to the nearest cinema halss and watch this movie this weekend
As I earlier said Rajini sir is all over the frame and ge steals the complete show and this film completely drives on his style his aura and his mannerism and Its not just a hype but he lives Up.to it with his tremendously powerful performance . His walk his smile his attitude is par classic . Coming to the supporting cast and the negative role each and every one has done a amazing job
Its a worth watch at cinemas its a one time watch considering the  storyline and plot but definetly a movie that has to be watched only in the cinemas . For rajini fans this is no less than a celebration

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