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Friday, 17 June 2016


An intense journey on fight against drugs 3.5 Star 󾭩 󾭩󾭩.5
STRICTLY FOR ADULTS as the film if full of CUSSWORDS
This film unfolds the dark side of Punjab ie drug menace and how a few get into this out of no choice and a few who get into it by their choice and then how life gets ruined and the kind of challanges they face and deep inside who operates these activities and the complete racket. This movie has a very strong message for the youths of the society that its only the YOUTHS WHO CAN UNCHAIN this . STRONG PERFOMANCES add up to the beauty of the film specially SHAHID KAPOOR &ALIA BHATT.All goes BRILLIANTLY but the ending seems a bit STRANGE in itself but a WORTH WATCH :)


The screenplay goes solid delivering back to back intense and energetic sequences for the audience to go fresh till the end with a lot of intensity , the story is narrated very well but what fails are the characters that finally do not connect well and a incomplete ending is what dissappoints. The story has 4 parlell stores revolving round which are dealing with drugs firstly TOMMY SINGH played by Shahid kapoor who is shown as a fading rockstar who makes songs related to drugs and is a drug addict himself , then we have the cops brother who is a drug addict and his obsession for drugs get him a tag of murderer by the end and then we have a simple girl from bihar played by ALIA BHATT who in the greed of earning lot of money falls prey to drug racketers and they happen to use her and ruin her life and then we have a doctor who is fighting against drug abuse and drugs who is later joined by this cop who helps her in findinf out who is operating this in punjab . Now does she succeed in helping the youths of punjab? what happens to these 3 people who are obsessed with drugs insome way or the other? what is the conclusion is the movie all about.


ALIA BHATT has been super awesome with her character and she will win your hearts with her perfomance , her accent and the way she has carried herself then coming to TOMMY SINGH played by SHAHID KAPOOR is energetic and full of youngeness and he has done par justice to his role and aso brought smiles on our face , then the copy DILJIT has also been great and natural and the character that bring freshness to the script is KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN who has been a doctor in the film has been charming with her role.


Its a ONE TIME watch , if you are not used to watching films involving CUSS WORDS then u will surely hate this film as its full of it. if you can overlook these things then you would come back with a strong message

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