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Friday, 3 June 2016


The first half of the film goes flat and dull ie half of the film is wasted introducing the characters in an UNFUNNY manner coming to the second half it is entertaining and HILARIOUS ONE LINERS to laugh on but still it falls short to be called an out and out comedy film,Few sequences are aamazingly funny and the rest of the sequences in the film dont make you laugh . AKKI'S impeccable Comic time is one saving grace for the film and he has been naturally funny as usual but then rest all seem to be struggling to convince the audience in the comedy avatar . Its a timepass watch.


Screenplay its completely glitchy , the makers missed stressing on where the focus actually had to be the first half is completely wasted in the verge of introducing the characters and post interval few moments to laugh out specially the ones involving AKSHAY KUMAR for his comic time rest all seems v dull . The story is about 3 beautiful young girls who have boyfirends but their dad holds a policy that he will not get his daughters married ever , he tries out every trick to convince his daughters and in return even the daughters play a short game to get married but then do they suceed ? and what is the actualy reason behind the dads policy of not getting his daughters married? is there any specific reason on its just that he dosent want them away ?? for all these questions walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this film this weekend


Akshay Kumar stands out when it comes to comedy with his natrually convincing comic time and he has been great , coming to abhishek bacchan he fails to creat any impact with his role as rapper and then ritesh deshmukh has been okie okie with his role , coming to the actress they have tried hard to convince the audience but then they also didnt have much to do over and all it just goes below average


I do not recommend this movie for this weekend as it hardly has few stuffs to make you geninuely laugh out loud , watch out for alternates this wekened as this ones not going to get the best out of your time . If you are really wanted to taste this tasteless no brainer i would say go for it watch it for AKSHAY KUMAR and nothing more

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