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Friday, 22 April 2016

Nil Battey Sannata

Nil  Battey Sannata
Sensibly strong & engaging 4 Star
This movie has a beautiful and strong message to focus on at the same time makes sure the audience dosent get buzzed or dozed of as we have a lot of naturally humorous moments to laugh out on. It portrays us the mother daughter relationship and how a single mother dreams to see her daughter be successful and how she gets this happen depite of her poverty and challanges she comes accross. Film ends with a beautiful message "THE GREATEST & MOST TRUE LOVE IN THIS WORLD IS OF A MOTHER"


The Story takes an edge and the strong perfomances act as a great front end for portraying the story beautifully , the story has pinch of emotion , humour and a strong message. The screenplay goes crisp smooth and well narrated from the very start of the runtime till the end , No extra exagrated drama , no unwanted stuff everything plane and clear . The story is about a single mother who works hard to see her daughter be successful , she works as a maid and takes up few part time work to earn money meanwhile her daughter show no interest studies and this worries her , after thinking over it she decides to herself join school at that age to make sure her she learns the subjects and teaches her daughter as welll , but then this turns out as embarrassment for her daughter to see her own mother in her class , she taunts her mother and makes her realize that even if she scores welll she wont be able to admit her to any engineering / medical college as she is poor and aks her to stay away but her mom dosent loose hopes she continues schooling and this embaresses the daughter even more she gets even more irritated when she sees her mother score more marks then her and this gets her to challange her mom with a condition that if she scores more then her mom in maths then her mom is suppose to leave the school . Her mom accepts the challange with a smile because she feels happy to see her daughter work hard to score good marks . Then how does this go all about ? Does she suceed ? Or she fails ? Is this the only thing or we have more in store ??  Does the mother daughter relationship continue to be the same after this rift? For all these questions to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch h=this movie this wekeend


Swara bhaskar has done a great job with her character as mother and she convinces you in every frame with her acting emotion and accent , coming to Riya who has played the role of daughter has also been totally convincing with her role in every possible situation , the role of principle played by pankaj tripati is the role which makes you smile and laugh all throughout in the movie . Rest of the cast has also been impressive


Its a worth watch at cinemas , no second thought but note this ones not a commercial/mass movie its driven by content so if you love to watch content driven and meaning movie go for it it has something to teach you . And as i usualy say support movies like this to mint higher profits at the box office because only word of mouth can favour this movie .

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