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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Jakasss and power packed 4 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
JOHN ABRAHAMS  raw avatar and rugged looks matched with classic and power packed action sequences , UNIQUE SCRIPT and EMOTION on board & Marvelous BACKGROUD SCORE gets a superb viewing experience, every action sequence is larger than life pinched with something new and is adrenaline pumping . The CLIMAX gets you high on emotions and touches ur heart in the best and sweetest way possible . Its a Yo! Gurantee watch i recommened every1 watch this movie in the nearest cinema halls .


The screenplay goes in flow delivering lot of punches , twists and takes on to keep you engaged the story takes you from bit to byte and byte to frames and emotions play an vital role in keeping the audience in feel for the movie and the director has suceeded i getting the best out of all these as a combination . Background score is seriously to the par gets every scene to be outstanding . The story is about a man who stays aloof in memories of his dead wife , he is presumed to be an gangster , he owns a PAWN shop and in this verge he happens to meet a little 7 year old gal who is the daughter of his neighbour , she loves to talk to him calls him handsome and meets him everyday because she is sad and alone in her own life her mom dosent take care of her , she trusts rocky played by john abraham , one fine day some gangsters/ drug mafia kidnap this little girl and her mother for some reason , rocky does everything to get the little girl back becuase he seems to have a soft corner for this little girl and for her inocence  , he gets in complete from as her protector to get her back and he fights lone with the drug mafia , Now QUestions that strike you are Who is rocky Handsome?? What is his past? how does he have the power fight all alone with this drug mafia?? does he suceed to get the little girl back and save her? What about the police? all these questions will be answered whn you watch the film at the nearest cinema halls


John abraham has nailed it this time with his power packed action avatar and he has done his best to get the character right and his rugged looks get him more dark and deep into his character . The little girl in the film  has been sweet ad cute all throughout . The director himself is seen playimg one of the mafia gangster in the film ie kevin and he has been outstanding in the negative role . Fially shruthi hassan in the emotional apperanace didnt have much to do she is just seen in a few sequences


Its a must watch it has every stuff to prove it to be WORTH watch staring from amazing action to super awesome punches to heart touching emotion it has it all and i done find any reasons to miss this one . Go have ur dose of action from Jhon abraham :)  

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