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Friday, 29 January 2016

Saala Khadoos

Saala Khadoos
It's an power packed 3.8 star 🌟🌟🌟.8
Adrenaline pumping and loveable journey of a die hard boxer which gets you high on spirits :)  Performances take an edge over the mediocre story making it a rock solid film to watch (y) so despite its minor flaws like the predictable storyline and few missing punches the film still stands tall. :) its definetly a worth watch at theatres :) 
The screenplay is Smooth going and crisp editing  makes it a super awesome experience to watch (y) what gets down the stars of the film is a predictable storyline :) you will exactly know what would happen next :D   but the performances are soo super awesome 🙆. That it completely gets you on a fresh and interesting ride all throughout the movie 🎬  The director has just made sure every scene in the film makes right sense at the right time  like to quote the love ❤ as a emotion is shown at parts  but doesn't empower or get the film away from its track it keeps its time right . And as we say sab cheez ka eek time hota hai and at that correct moment we get to see love all in the air .❤. Now which is that scene will only tell you when you watch the film . Coming to the story its about a boxer who is quite straight forwArd in his approach played by r madhvan  despite of his talent he doesn't get equal opportunities as he follows the right way which some how some way is unpleasing to the so called sports club head coach ,he is transferred to chennai hoping that he never gets any champion from there as the track record of chennai in boxing says its the last in boxing :) now amidst all this the boxer finds a perfect gal a fisher women who sells fishes he sees that aggression and longing in her in an unusual fight :) and that moment he says this gal is a champion 🏆. Now he does all that he can to convince her to join him for training . She joins him after a roller coaster ride of different situations finally she adjusts with him and also falls in love ❤  but then does madvan accept her ? Does she win the championship or are madhwans dreams broken apart? To get this watch the movie this weekend in the nearest cinema halls
Rock solid ,jackass,mind blowing , heart winning and I have no more words but I should say commendable performance by specially the actress being so versatile :) she has got the perfect feel in the character in every aspect may it be boxer or a fisher women she has done her best of the best (y) coming to madvan he has been super solid and his rugged look is not just a look but its a attitude tat he gets out to his best .. Hats off to both of them for such an awesome performance (y) rest on part d ensemble cast has been great
A worth watch at theatres , the climax just wins your heart though It be typical climax I call it mind blowing :) cinematically there may have been flaws but finally the film.scores in entertaining you and getting you the nicest feeling of watching it . Go for it its worth the penny you pay :) for more reviews visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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