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Thursday, 17 December 2015


My take is a unique 3.5 STar
Made at an humble budget and very low publicity or marketing this gem went un noticed , A story which has intense stand and power to prove itself with a strong narrative and perfect story line running over smart perfomance by Rajiv Khandelwal and not so impressive acting by Soha Ali khan


The screenplay goes smooth and in a flow narrating every detail of every character and getting feel in its situations & scenarios , the story is kind of unique & outstanding , it has intense feel , perfect perfomances and perfect story narrative. The story is about a guy obsessed with music he greats magical albums , gets steal offers he becomes a DJ but then he looses the power of listening which makes him a flop DJ v soon , and people  start forgetiiing him , he goes under extreme trauma , he gets into depression and starts living alone after a long time he meets a girl who is deaf like him they pair up and with his love for music he starts creating music even after being deaf , he creates magic , he gets back on the track because of his determination and will power , this movie has a strong mesage to deliver . Completely a worth watch

Rajiv khandelwal has done great job he will convince you every way possible with his perfomance , but soha ali khan fails to create any impact .


A WOrth watch at theatres , though not a highly promoted film his film keeps up its uniqueness in the way it goes and given the fact that we have very rare films of this kind its an appeal the auidence to watch movies like this to get the best in bollywood and not just masala .

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