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Friday, 4 December 2015


My take is a ONE TIME WATCH 3.5 star 󾭩 󾭩󾭩.5
Maintains a steady skeleton & theme as its prequels 1 & 2 :) , this installment has double twists, double surprises and a few thrilling sequences to get you at the edge if your seat out of curiosity :P But what fails on part is a over dragged plot at specially the climax which no sooner gets you say "Abb bass karoo yaar Baataa bhi do kya hai suspense " :D But over and out it has something convincing to deliver along with punches, pinch of emotion and essence of friendship (y)

The story drives on the same skeleton that is hate story where loves turns to be hate & we get a big take when the revenge saga kicks off between the 2 :) . The screen play goes pretty smooth and cool till the interval but as the story transits the plot  remains a mystery which creates much of curiosity among the audience so as to guess or predict what is this all about :-o ? And why is this happening?  but your prediction fails miserably and the suspense finally cracks at the last 3rd minute if the movie . :-o
The story to sum up in short is about 2 brothers who inherit enormous wealth after the death of their beloved father and now the elder brother has  his love lady cia played by zareen khan. But the twist here is the younger brother played by Sharman Joshi is in a secret relationship with his elder brothers girlfriend ;) . Now what happens to this love story ? Does sharman joshi get his love ? Does he take a wrong step forward ? This is the base plot now the twist and turn in Sharman joshis life come as a storm when a mysterious person named Saurabh enters his life destorys his entire business emprie ,makes cheap and vulgar deal with him plans a complete disastrous plot taking him towards destruction . Now who is Saurabh ? Why does he enter his life so mysteriously and take every possible step to destroy him ?what are his motives ? :-o
To know this you need to relate the basic plot and the later plot which is perfectly matched and presented in this movie  . Walk in to your nearest cinemas and watch this (y)

Zareen khan has struggled to get expressions right as per the demand by situations but has failed to impress anyway :( ,coming to Karan Singh Grover , I should say he steals the show and every time you hear people screaming or whistling its for Karan (y)  .finally Sharman Joshi has been impressive but his dialogue delivery has been more of lousy and flat giving to punch in it :)

Its not outstanding nor v bad its  a one time watch ;)  ,it provides you thrill ,it convinces you with its story ,suspense :)  . Watch it for the performances ,watch it for the plot .
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